20 Eye-Catching Pieces That Are a Win for Your Holiday Wardrobe

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Why does dressing for the holidays always feel so complicated? We plan outfits for family get-togethers, company parties, and dreaded white elephant gift exchanges (just me?) every single year, so we should have it down to a science by now. But year after year, there are different factors to consider that make getting dressed just a little bit more difficult than it is the rest of the year: How cold will it be? Is the event casual or dressy? Are stretchy pants necessary? Is it possible you could run into an ex? Are the shoes that go with your outfit actually appropriate for the weather? The list of questions is long, and we don’t have time to check it twice.

Our editors lean on & Other Stories year round, but they are an especially great resource for holiday looks that are timeless yet eye-catching—which is exactly the look we try to achieve during the holidays. From Christmas-inspired red sweater dresses to embellished black sweaters perfect for New Year’s Eve, we have rounded up the pieces that will be a trusting addition to your holiday wardrobe so getting dressed is easy, no matter what your plans look like this season.

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