5 Times The Jedi Could’ve Prevented Order 66 (& Why They Didn’t)

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The Jedi had loads of possibilities to seek out out the reality in regards to the clone military and stop Star Wars‘ Order 66 from taking place. A redefining Star Wars occasion that continues to be referenced virtually twenty years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Order 66 defined how the 1000’s of Jedi of the Star Wars prequels have been lowered to some house wizards unfold throughout the galaxy whose powers most didn’t learn about or consider in. Nonetheless, it was solely in Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the specifics of what was behind Order 66 have been revealed.


The Clone Wars made the clones into particular person characters, which, for a Star Wars rewatch in chronological order, solely provides to the tragedy of Revenge of the Sith’s Order 66 scene. The Clone Wars sequence builds from Star Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clones’ ending and retroactively units up a number of moments from Revenge of the Sith, together with the clones’ final betrayal and the way it might have been prevented.

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When Obi-Wan Found The Clone Military

Ewan McGregor As Obi Wan Kenobi In Star Wars Attack of the Clones

The circumstances wherein Obi-Wan Kenobi came upon in regards to the clone military that had been commissioned by Grasp Sifo-Dyas ought to have been sufficient to alert the Jedi in regards to the risks of the upcoming warfare. The Jedi Council had no concept that 1000’s of clone troopers have been being created on Kamino for the Republic, and {that a} long-gone Jedi was the one to contact the Kaminoans – one thing that Obi-Wan solely found when investigating the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Fett had simply tried to kill Padmé Amidala on the orders of Lord Tyranus, Dooku, by the point Obi-Wan came upon in regards to the clone troopers, which ought to have solely added to the Jedi’s suspicion.

There have been loads of causes for the Jedi to refuse the clone military created on Kamino and begin an investigation relating to the occasions that led to Sifo-Dyas’ request for the personnel. Nonetheless, proper after the Jedi found the clones, Rely Dooku’s Separatist Alliance started its transfer. With the Jedi cornered by a whole lot of battle droids within the Geonosis area in what might have been a significant victory for the not too long ago revealed Confederacy of Impartial Techniques, Yoda had no selection however to deploy the clones to the planet and interact within the battle that will be referred to as the Clone Wars. The Republic wanted troopers, and the clones appeared to resolve that drawback.

When A Clone Killed A Jedi Throughout The Clone Wars

Clone trooper Tup and Jedi Master Tiplar in Clone Wars

With out even contemplating Fives’ investigation that will come proper after, the dying of Jedi Grasp Tiplar by a clone trooper throughout an everyday mission ought to have been sufficient to warn the Jedi in regards to the secrets and techniques of the clones. There have been a number of potential explanations as to why clone trooper Tup killed a Jedi, largely as a result of Tup clearly didn’t wish to kill his assigned Jedi Grasp. Nonetheless, even when no matter occurred to Tup was an remoted occasion with no connections to the opposite clones, it ought to have sparked a extra detailed investigation by the Jedi of the Clone military. Because of Palpatine and the Kaminoans, that didn’t occur.

When Fives Tried to Warn Anakin About The Chancellor

Fives dies in front of Rex in Clone Wars

After selecting to make use of the clones created on Kamino, it took some time for the Jedi to have one other likelihood at stopping Order 66 from taking place. In The Clone Wars season 6, which within the Star Wars timeline takes place nearer to the top of the battle, clone trooper Fives from the unique Domino Squad got here very near discovering your entire reality about not solely the clone troopers and their secret mission, however the Sith plot to destroy the Jedi and take over the Galactic Republic. The truth is, Fives had all of the solutions to the mysteries relating to the clones and, earlier than dying, discovered that the Chancellor was the one behind all of it.

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Fives’ investigation began as a method to perceive why his good friend, Tup, had killed a Jedi in surprising vogue. The Kaminoans, involved with Darth Tyranus a.ok.a. Rely Dooku, tried to dismiss Fives’ investigation and lowered the Tup incident to a easy malfunction or a virus that had developed contained in the clone’s mind. Fives ultimately realized that every one the clones have been designed with an inhibitor chip that would management their actions. Palpatine, the Sith Lord behind the Clone Wars, confronted Fives and orchestrated a state of affairs wherein the clone trooper would seem like fully untrustworthy. Not even Captain Rex or Anakin Skywalker believed Fives earlier than he was finally gunned down.

When Obi-Wan & Anakin Realized The Reality About Sifo-Dyas

Sifo-Dyas bound by energy in The Clone Wars.

Following the Fives incident, the Jedi as soon as once more got here very near discovering out about Order 66. Following Plo Koon’s investigation of a crashed Jedi ship that disappeared greater than a decade prior, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi started to unveil a plot that traced again to Grasp Sifo-Dyas, the Jedi who commissioned the clone military. With hopes that Sifo-Dyas might maybe nonetheless be alive, Anakin and Obi-Wan discovered that the Pykes had attacked Sifo-Dyas’ ship on the orders of an individual known as Tyranus, a reputation that Obi-Wan had heard earlier than in Assault of the Clones when investigating Jango Fett. Sifo-Dyas had not survived, however Obi-Wan and Anakin realized what had actually occurred.

The identify Tyranus really referred to Darth Tyranus, a Sith Lord, who Obi-Wan and Anakin quickly discovered to be Rely Dooku. Dooku, who by then had already left the Jedi Order and grow to be a Sith, was behind Sifo-Dyas’ dying and had taken over the Jedi Grasp’s clone military mission. Sifo-Dyas by no means labored for the Sith or had something to do with the Order 66 programming – it was solely after his dying that Darth Tyranus reached out to the Kaminoans and have become the true chief accountable for the clones’ secret chip. After the Sifo-Dyas thriller was unraveled, the Jedi have been totally conscious that the Sith have been concerned within the creation of the clones.

The Jedi knew that the Sith have been concerned with the clone military at the very least a number of months earlier than Order 66 occurred. Why they didn’t attempt to examine the clones’ creation as quickly as they discovered the reality about Sifo-Dyas’ dying and Rely Dooku’s connection is tough to say, and it’s one in all The Clone Wars’ most complicated and maybe pointless Star Wars prequel retcons. That stated, after at the very least two years had handed within the Star Wars timeline, there appeared to be no cause to mistrust the clones. Yoda and the Jedi Council ended up vouching for the clone military after numerous campaigns demonstrated their loyalty.

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After Yoda Noticed Glimpses Of The Future At The Finish Of The Clone Wars

Yoda in Clone Wars season 6

Much like the Sifo-Dyas storyline, Yoda’s visions of the long run in The Clone Wars season 6’s “Yoda arc” are among the many present’s greatest retcons. Although visions might be sophisticated in Star Wars, Yoda just about discovered that the Jedi have been certain to lose the Clone Wars. What precisely Yoda noticed in his visions in comparison with what was proven, and the way the Jedi Grasp interpreted these photos, was by no means made clear, however Yoda had at the very least some notion that the Clone Wars would finish in tragedy. As such, maybe Yoda’s most obvious response would have been to assemble the Jedi Council and warn them.

That stated, Yoda has taught each Anakin and Luke that visions should not at all times reliable and that the long run is at all times in movement. As well as, Yoda additionally noticed in his visions {that a} new hope was but to rise within the galaxy and that the Jedi’s actual victory would don’t have anything to do with the Clone Wars. In a method, Yoda foresaw that, for the galaxy to be actually saved, the Jedi needed to lose the Clone Wars. Although a large Star Wars retcon, Yoda’s The Clone Wars season 6 arc highlights how necessary Luke Skywalker’s Jedi journey actually was.

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