7 Affordable Alternatives to the Burberry Trench Coat

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The look of a belted raincoat is iconic. A good trench coat can be worn for work, on the weekend, or for a casual outing and is the perfect transition piece between seasons. From the oversized collar, double-breasted placket, belted waist and cuffs, this classic is instantly recognisable. While Burberry didn’t invent the trench coat, the label had a huge part to play in its development and continued to refine and evolve the jacket into true beauty. The appeal and undoubtable style that follows when wearing a Burberry trench coat can easily enhance your wardrobe.

Trench coats can cost as little as $50 from cheap fast-fashion brands like ASOS or SHEIN to between $500-$1,000 upwards for upscale or even sustainable clothing brands. The important thing to remember is that you should expect to get what you pay for. While purchasing a coat from a fashion label known for quality like Mackintosh or Boden will last longer than your fast-fashion options. That being said there are exceptions (such as the Japanese retailer Uniqlo which has a reputation for quality).

Unfortunately, like many, I’m not about to spend thousands on one coat, no matter how fashionable. So, I’ve been on the search for affordable alternatives that I’m keen to share with you.


  1. H&M Lightweight Trenchcoat

Retails: $59.99

Colours: Beige, Black

The H&M trench coat delivers style and comfort in this alternative. It has a buttonless appearance which is accompanied by notched lapels and a rear loose yoke. This coat could easily replace your jacket for your daily commute or style a casual piece around town. H&M also offers oversize and buttoned alternatives for an additional cost depending on what suits your personal style.

H&M Lightweight Trenchcoat

  1. New Look Oversized Trench Trench Coat

Retails: $79

Colours: Beige

If you’re after a longer trench coat, the New Look version sports a calf-height hem. It promotes an oversized fit which is perfect if you need a coverall to wear over other jackets or sweaters. It also features a double-breasted design including a belted waist with large, functional pockets which ladies will appreciate.

New Look Oversized Trench Trench Coat


  1. ASOS DESIGN Double-Breasted Trench

Retails: $90

Colours: Beige, Black

This alternative trench is designed with a sharp cut and visible lines – a fashion piece hard to ignore. It’s perfect for men looking to add a little crisp and daring design to their style while maintaining a figure-hugging fit. It’s dark coloured buttons, epaulets and large collar make it a complete business casual look.

ASOS DESIGN Double-Breasted Trench

  1. Topman Peached Trench Coat

Retails: $130

Colours: Beige

The Topman Peached trench is another slim fit featuring a double-breasted, button closure and button up cuffs. Some of its other features such as the collar, gun flap and removable waist belt are much more subtle than many other jackets in this list however the stretch cotton blend ensures the coat is ready for all weather.

Topman Peached Trench Coat


  1. Uniqlo U Hooded Coat

Retails: $199.90

Colours: Beige, Black

This take on the traditional trench coat refines the design for business or everyday use. Its simple design makes styling easy. It is a minimalist trench with a timeless, elegant cut that maintains function. It has a hidden front placket with rubber buttons, storm flap pockets and a removable hood for enhanced versatility to your styling needs.

Uniqlo U Hooded Coat

  1. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Neutral Two Tone Mac Coat

Retails: $79.50

Colours: Stone

If your aesthetic is part on-trend, part throwback vibes this trench will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It features a two-tone design with a belted waist and relaxed fit that offers a fresh take on tradition with a vintage twist.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Neutral Two Tone Mac Coat

  1. M&S Double Breasted Trench Coat

Retails: $129

Colours: Black, Sand

The M&S trench coat offers an easy-to-wear wardrobe stable that combines the classic and contemporary style of the Burberry trench coat. It’s cut in a regular fit, with the traditional double-breasted front. Other classic trench stylings included in this alternative include the belted waist, shoulder epaulettes, and storm flaps. It’s even designed with sustainability in mind using recycled polyester and responsibly sourced cotton.

M&S Double Breasted Trench Coat

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