A Shadow And Bone Spinoff About The Six Of Crows Is Stealthily In The Works

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The latest season of Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” just dropped, in which the Crows of Ketterdam play a major role in assisting the Sun Summoner Alina Starkov (Jesse Mei Li). Series showrunner Eric Heisserer has taken an unorthodox route when it comes to adapting Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy novel series by combining the storylines of the “Shadow and Bone” trilogy and “The Six of Crows” duology, leading to a complex, intertwining story that directly impacts the fate of the Grishaverse. As the Crows have emerged as one of the strongest aspects of the Netflix adaptation, Heisserer has been quietly developing a “Six of Crows” spin-off series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Bardugo’s duology exclusively focuses on the Crows, who are forced to take up a perilous mission after a drug named jurda parem is on the verge of being circulated across Kerch. The implications of this drug falling into the wrong hands have already been teased in the latest season’s finale, as the drug acts as an amplifier for Grisha abilities and can be used to control and manipulate the Otkazat’sya (those without Grisha powers). EW reports that while this spin-off has not been green-lit yet, the series is in the early stages of development, and its fate rests on how the second season fares in terms of viewership numbers.

More Potential Kanej Content

“Shadow and Bone” has already provided fleshed-out storylines for our beloved Crows, including the core trio — Kaz (Freddy Carter), Inej (Amita Suman), and Jesper (Kit Young) — along with newer members Nina (Danielle Galligan) and Wylan (Jack Wolfe). Although season 2 already covers key events from “The Six of Crows” duology, Heisserer seems to be interested in devoting the spin-off exclusively devoted to their shenanigans. The showrunner confirmed his intentions to EW:

“One of the reasons, not all of them, that I got the privilege of working with Daegan Fryklind as co-showrunner in season 2 is that I was busy with the writers’ room for Six of Crows. We are ready to launch that as its own story. The eight-episode scripts are phenomenal and I’m really proud of my team for those.”

As the Crows split up by the end of season 2, it is unclear as to how the spin-off intends to bring them back together as a gang, or how events will make chronological sense in relation to the grander story. Heisserer clarifies that the spin-off will be “its own little season of fun” for the Crows, which would allow the writers to “go deeper on some of these character arcs,” if the project is green-lit. This would definitely mean more Kanej content, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the Crows storyline, as it holds the potential to further explore the role trauma plays in defining how we react and adapt to burgeoning feelings of love.

If you want to see Kaz Brekker grinning like an idiot (which is a rare sight) in a potential “Six of Crows” spin-off, make sure to stream the second season of “Shadow and Bone,” which is currently available on Netflix.

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