All About Wood Chippers and getting the Best from Them

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If you want to maintain your garden and have a beautiful landscape, you need to have proper gardening tools unless recruiting a professional agency for the same. Apart from shovels, barrows or hoes, and other tools, it would be best if you had technologically advanced equipment like lawnmowers and chippers. Without proper tools and equipment, it is impossible to landscape and maintain the garden. Whether you are a homeowner conducting your own gardening or a professional service provider, it is imperative that you have appropriate and up-to-date gardening equipment in order to do the task without difficulty. It is best to know about the chippers before you buy one and use it.

About Them

Initially, the chippers were used to chip wood for a fire to produce heat. They have undergone several design modifications in addition to technological advancements and are now being employed in the landscaping industry. There are various types and designs of chippers. You get the mobile ones that can be propelled by pushing like the lawnmowers; some are mounted or semi-mounted on the skids, while others are static.

Again some need to be fed manually, while others need to be fed automatically. They come with or without chutes so that wood chips can be fed through them. You are able to produce high-quality wood chips from branches and other garden debris by adjusting the blades, knives, and mesh in the chipper. This allows you to change the chip size. These can be broken down into compost and utilized as mulch to provide nourishment for the plants and trees. You can get the most fertile organic fertilizer from them and feed the plants to grow better.

As you intend to purchase the chippers for your garden, one significant consideration is the size you will need. Depending on the size of the trees and the plants and shrubs in your garden, you have to decide on the equipment size. You do not need a heavy-duty machine for simple cleaning of your garden. Again, if you want to chip tree trunks around forty centimeters in diameter, you need to have an industrial chipper.

Again, using a small machine will not only save your pocket, but it is easy to use and store. It is perfect for you to do “do it yourself” work but not for commercial services. To reiterate, the smaller machines will not be able to mulch your wood; therefore, you will need a machine that is either medium- or heavy-duty. The motor ought to have greater power, and the blades and knives ought to be sturdier and sharper than they are now. You can get homogenate and uniform chips from medium and heavy-duty chippers. Use the uniform chips for fire to generate heat or to produce mulch to prepare compost for the plants.

Maintaining Them

  • The Blades –One area of great concern for using the chippers efficiently is the blades. The blades need to be appropriately maintained, and at times they need to be replaced. Unless the blades are sufficiently sharp, you won’t be able to achieve the results you want. Once more, having dull blades might make the working process unsafe and lead to mishaps. The blades are rectangular, and the size varies from 1.5 inches to 12 inches depending on the size of the machine. The thicknesses of the blades vary accordingly and can be between 1.5 inches to 2 inches.

It would be best to keep the blades sharp to get high-quality chips without any teething issues. At times you need to re-sharpen the blades or the knives. When making clean cuts with a grinder and counter-grinding, the blades are an absolute necessity. Using the best sharpener can reduce the replacement cost by 75% and work with complete satisfaction without any safety hazards.

  • The Motor /Engine –Again, oiling the motor and the gears and checking the electrical circuit should be done at regular intervals for the smooth and trouble-free running of the machine. Some chippers are electrically powered, while some run on gas. Some have a motor, and some have an engine. The engine or the motor is responsible for rotating the blades or the knives. You should keep the motor or the engine in good condition to get uniform chips of wood.

Purchasing The Equipment

The equipment can be a bit costly; therefore, if you are not a commercial user, it is best to form a community with the neighbors, share the price, and buy one for landscaping work without third-party help.



Following the above guidelines, you can get the best from the chippers. Buying a good product and maintaining them properly can enhance the life of your gardening and landscaping equipment. Now maintain your garden using the proper equipment and feel the difference.

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