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This week’s Amazon Fashion Roundup is warm-weather focused in of spite of how cold it got all of a sudden this week in Winston Salem. We had temps in the TWENTIES. I’m over it. Do not approve. Anyway, to keep my spring spirits high, I’m thinking about all of the cute mini dresses and short sleeve blouses I’ll be wearing sooner rather than later. We haven’t put a beach trip date on the calendar quiet yet, but we went to Hilton Head with my brother’s family last year, and I’m dying to go again!

It had been years (isn’t that crazy) since I had been to the beach, and Thomas loved it even more than I expected– although, I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting that considering his obsession with the sandbox at home. Even though we don’t have a date on the calendar, I’m eyeing a few things I want to wear at the beach this year. I ordered the cutest matching linen sets from Abercrombie for our trip to Dominica, and they’ve since sold out. But I found a GREAT option from Amazon that looks super similar, which I’m linking below.

Another fun find were these H slide sandals which are almost exact lookalikes for the Hermes Oran sandal!

Okay, let’s get into this week’s finds.

Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

I’ve shared this set of tees many times, but they’re still my weekly best seller, and I can’t stop talking about them! I’ve been BLOWN away by how amazing these shirts have held up (I ordered them mid January and I’ve washed them many times since then). They are just thick enough to not show through, but they aren’t heavy or warm. They’re honestly just perfect. And $17 for a two-pack can’t be beat. Order these now– I have the XS.

Jeans (MAJOR sale) | Loafers | Necklace

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Matching Linen Short Set

How cute is this linen set! The reviews are pretty good, and from what I can tell, size up if you plan to wash and dry this set in your own machines. I love all of the color options, but I’m most drawn to the black since it’s less likely to show through. This is a PERFECT beach coverup set!

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Stratuxx Kaze Flat Band Slide Sandal

Impressive lookalike, huh? These H Slides are SUCH a good alternative to the very pricey (but super chic) Hermes slides. The black colorway looks the most expensive to me, so that’s what I’d go for. The two brown options look a little bit like cheap leather to me.

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Summer Ribbed Bodycon Dresses

If you have a fun trip planned this summer with your hubby, this is the perfect dress! I don’t wear bodycon dresses super often (an especially with a cut out!), but this color combo just feels perfect for a beach trip. I LOVE pink and orange when I have a tan. The other color combos are SO good too though. It’s also worth noting the reviews are really promising.

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High Waisted Bikini Set

I added this bikini set to my cart SO fast. I love a simple, more athletic style for bikinis and this is right up my ally! The contrasting straps and seams are so fun, and all of the colors are great. Promising reviews on this one too! You can’t beat an extra 15% off too :).

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The Drop Jaya Smocked Bodice Chiffon Maxi

You know my love for Amazon’s in house brand, The Drop. Unfortunately others are catching on because they’ve raised their prices ;). This maxi dress is a perfect Easter dress option and can be worn ALL spring and summer. I love the very delicate floral print and the deep pink color. You can’t beat a smocked maxi as an easy day dress.

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MOTHER Hustler Jeans

WHYYYY did no one tell me MOTHER was on Amazon? I just ordered a pair of jeans directly from Mother and wasn’t sure about the wash, and I’m already too late to return them. I never have that problem when I order from Amazon… ugh. Hopefully this find helps you more than it helps me ;). I LOVE my MOTHER denim, and while I haven’t tried the Hustler style, I hear great things. They have a slightly higher rise than the Insider Ankle Crop (the pair I own), and they typically run one size small. It also doesn’t help that they’re also on sale on Amazon!

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Easter Bunny Baskets

These are such a fun Amazon find! If you’re looking for some matching baskets for your kids (or maybe you’re a grandmother and need some grandchildren easter baskets!), these are just too good to pass up. $42 for two and will ship before Easter!

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Mock Neck Knit Sweater

The perfect spring sweater! I love the boxy shoulders. This would be great paired with white jeans.

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Long Sleeve Floral Print Bohemian Maxi Dresses with Slit

I wish I had found this dress before my Dominica Trip! It’s such a chic option for a coverup–and not like everything else I’m season this season! I’m also having quite a green moment, so this is right up my ally. I read that it’s small, so I’m going to go up one size. The slits on the sides are VERY high, so I don’t think this would work for anything other than a coverup.

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Fitted Cutaway Racer Tank Sweater

You can’t beat a classic tank for the spring and summer. The fitted cutaway shape is super feminine, and the price is too good to pass up. I believe the material is a very light knit, which is perfect for the cooler spring weather.

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