Apple Has Unveiled The Apple Watch Series 8 As Well As The New Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a big, Always-On Retina display as well as a sturdy, crack-resistant face crystal. Apple Watch Series 8 adds temperature sensor capabilities, retroactive ovulation estimations, Crash Detection, and international roaming to its best-in-class health and safety features including the ECG app and fall detection. The new Apple Watch SE includes the core Apple Watch experience, such as Activity tracking, high and low heart rate notifications, and Emergency SOS, as well as the new Crash Detection function and a totally redesigned rear cover that exactly matches the three traditional case finishes, all for $249. Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399.

Both devices run watchOS 9, which includes new and more configurable watch faces including Lunar and Metropolitan, sleep phases, an improved Workout app, a first-of-its-kind AFib History feature, and an entirely redesigned Medications app.

“We hear from customers how Apple Watch helps them stay connected with loved ones, be more active, and live healthier lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Apple Watch Series 8 reinforces our commitment in these areas with the addition of pioneering technology, while Apple Watch SE brings advanced core features at a new starting price. Powered by watchOS 9, the best smartwatches deliver more capabilities than ever before.”

With the same privacy safeguards as other health data, Apple Watch Series 8 has unique new temperature sensing capabilities that provide women more information about their health. With two sensors, one on the back of the watch, closest to the skin, and one beneath the display, the Apple Watch Series 8 adopts a novel method to temperature monitoring that minimizes bias from the surroundings. The wrist temperature is a good indicator of body temperature at night. The sensors on the Apple Watch Series 8 collect a sample of the wrist temperature every five seconds while sleeping and can detect differences as little as 0.1° C. In the Health app, users can see nightly changes in baseline temperature, which might be caused by illness, activity, or even jet lag. Users may get retrospective ovulation estimates by using the new temperature-sensing technologies in Apple Watch Series 8. Knowing when ovulation has occurred can help with family planning, and the Health app on the Apple Watch Series 8 makes it simple and convenient to find out by providing these estimates. Another advantage of temperature monitoring is that it improves period predictions.

All Cycle Tracking users will also now get notifications with iOS 16 and watchOS 9 if their logged cycle history indicates a potential deviation, such as irregular, infrequent, or lengthy periods and persistent spotting, which can be signs of underlying medical concerns. A new Low Power Mode can improve battery life for the Apple Watch Series 8 to up to 36 hours while an iPhone is available, allowing users to stay connected for even longer. The Always-On Retina display, exercise autostart, heart health messages, and other functions are momentarily disabled or limited by this new mode.

Apple created a sophisticated sensor-fusion algorithm that makes use of the Apple Watch’s upgraded accelerometer and gyroscope, which have the largest dynamic range of any wristwatch. Data from these new motion sensors was gathered at expert crash test labs using typical passenger vehicles in simulated real-world collisions, including head-on, rear-end, side-impact, and rollovers, in order to construct the algorithm. Collision Detection employs inputs from the iPhone’s barometer, GPS, and microphone in addition to motion data to identify the distinct patterns that might reveal whether a serious crash has occurred. When the Apple Watch senses a serious vehicle accident, it will check in with the user and contact 911 if they are unresponsive after a 10-second countdown. The user’s device location is sent to emergency responders and shared with the user’s emergency contacts. Crash Detection on Apple Watch and iPhone work together smoothly to provide people support quickly. The emergency services call interface will show on Apple Watch when a serious auto accident is detected since it is more likely to be closest to the user. If an iPhone is in range for the optimal connection, the call will be placed through the iPhone.

A variety of case finishes, colors, and band types will be offered for the Apple Watch Series 8 to accommodate various personal fashion preferences. The 41mm and 45mm versions of the Apple Watch Series 8 are available in aluminum and stainless steel, and it is compatible with all bands. Apple Watch Series 8 aluminum cases come in starlight, midnight, silver, and (PRODUCT)RED hues, while stainless steel cases come in silver, graphite, and gold. Apple Watch Series 8 and any band from the same collection may be matched using Apple Watch Studio. New bands and watch faces are also introduced for Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Hermès. The “Just Do It” emblem is woven directly into the new Sport Loop and Nike’s sport band in vivacious new hues. All Nike watch faces, including the new colors coming to the Bounce face, will be accessible starting this autumn to anybody with an Apple Watch running watchOS 9, including those without a Nike model.

H Diagonal, which produces a sporty pattern of the Hermès H with hundreds of microperforations, and Gourmette Metal, which boasts a polished stainless steel chain and noir leather looping twice around the wrist, are two new bands for the Apple Watch Hermès. Lucky Horse, a whimsical new Hermès watch face, nicely compliments the new bands and commemorates the house’s equestrian heritage with an animated horse that sleeps when the wrist is down and wakes up when the wrist is lifted. The S8 SiP sophisticated dual-core processor, which is the same processor found in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra and makes the device 20% quicker than the previous generation, as well as Crash Detection and worldwide roaming, are among the powerful advancements.

Along with the enhanced health and wellness features, users of the Apple Watch SE running watchOS 9 may benefit from the new Compass app. All bands are compatible with the 40mm and 44mm aluminum Apple Watch SE, which is available in midnight, starlight, and silver finishes. The Apple Watch SE’s casing is the same, but a newly created matching back cover made of a nylon composite material makes it lighter than previously.

The environmental effect of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE is kept to a minimum. In the case of both models, 100 percent recycled aluminum, 100 percent recycled tungsten, and 100 percent recycled rare earth components are used in every magnet. In a first for Apple Watch, both models use only recycled gold, including the SiP in the new Apple Watch SE and various printed circuit boards on the Series 8 model. Mercury, BFRs, PVC, and beryllium are not present in any model. Apple is getting closer to its aim of eliminating all plastic from its packaging by 2025 since no Apple Watch packaging includes outside plastic wrap and at least 94 percent of the packaging is made of fiber. Apple now has carbon-neutral operations on a global scale, and by 2030, it wants to have a carbon-neutral manufacturing supply chain and a carbon-neutral product life cycle overall. This means that every Apple product sold will have a net-zero climate effect, from component production to assembly to shipping to consumer usage to charging to recycling to material recovery.

All Apple features have been carefully designed and developed with privacy in mind. All of the user’s health and fitness information in the Health app, with the exception of Medical ID, is encrypted when the user’s iPhone is secured with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID. Any Health information backed up to the iCloud is protected both while in transit and on Apple servers. Health app data synced to iCloud when using the standard two-factor authentication and a passcode on iOS and watchOS is encrypted end-to-end, meaning Apple does not have the key to decode the data and cannot access it.

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