ASAP Rocky Drops His Long-Awaited New Song ‘Sh*ttin Me’ (And It Only Took Three Years)

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A$AP Rocky has dropped his long-awaited new song, “Sh*ttin Me,” just days after teasing it via social media. Two days ago, Rocky took to Instagram to announce the track would drop this week, and fans were ecstatic.

Rocky has been teasing the track for over three years, as the song’s first appearance was a live performance at 2018’s Camp Flog Gnaw. It would later appear in the 2019 trailer for his Injured Generation Tour, according to Genius.

Now, the song is out and appears on the soundtrack for the video game Need For Speed Unbound… Where he also voices one of the car horn options, as fans discovered. “Fast forward a few months, fast forward a few thou’, you flooded it out (Post) / I’m runnin’ up miles, they runnin’ around, I figured it out,” Rocky rhymes in the second verse, after name-dropping Tupac earlier in the song.

It ends on a high note, as A$AP thanks religion for his blessings on the song’s outro. “First I like to praise the Lord, I fight the demon (Go, go),” he says. “Happy every day, I’m thankful wakin’, wakin’ up.”

At long last, you can listen to the long-awaited “Sh*ttin’ Me” above.

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