Aubrey Plaza Wonders If She’s the Last Fan Standing of Theatrical Movies Next to Scorsese and Spielberg

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Aubrey Plaza just might be the final defender of theatrical cinema.

The “Emily the Criminal” star and producer quipped that she is among the likes of Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg in prioritizing the moviegoing experience.

“I’m one of the last people that’s kind of waving that theatrical flag,” Plaza told Deadline. “Me, Martin Scorsese, and Spielberg, just the three of us. I’m romantic about it. I just believe with all my heart that if you make a movie that’s undeniably great, people will hear about it and want to see it.”

Plaza led “Emily the Criminal,” “Spin Me Round,” and “The White Lotus” Season 2 this year, with MCU Disney+ series “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” Guy Ritchie’s “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre,” and Francis Ford Coppola’s “Megalopolis” on the horizon. Plaza added that she is also writing, directing, and producing an upcoming family-friendly feature film in the vein of Tim Burton.

“This is just another month in the life of Aubrey Plaza. I’ve been busy for 10 years,” the “Parks and Recreation” alum said. “A lot of things that I’ve done are all coming out at the same time. I can’t control that part of it, but I’ve been busy from the minute I moved to Los Angeles. I haven’t stopped.”

Plaza addressed playing against type during a SAG-AFTRA Foundation event moderated by IndieWire’s Eric Kohn.

“You do something, people respond to it, and they want to see you do it again, again, and again. I think you just have to be really proactive in changing that narrative for yourself,” Plaza said. “It gave me motivation to prove myself.”

She continued, “I think, for a while, I did feel like, ‘Aw man, I’m being put in a box, and I don’t like it, so I’m going to fight to get out of that and show people what I can do,’ or something. But then I started to look at it as a gift. If I convince people so well that I was that one thing and then I do something that’s totally different, it will be that much more satisfying to surprise them. So I started to try to think of it like that and be a little bit more positive and less bitter about it.”

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