Basic Styling Tips To Re-create Wednesday Addams Looks

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Since the latest Netflix series “Wednesday” starring Jenna Ortega premiered, fans have been obsessed. Especially with the gothic and all-classic mysterious look as seen on Wednesday Addams style. The styling point is not too far from the original character, the large white collar and cuffs, and a black floral shirt with tight button details. The only thing that’s new is the slightly puffy silhouette of the sleeves.

This gothic trend never goes out of style with its splash across countless red carpets and street styles. And thanks to Wednesday, fashionistas around the world now have a number of new additions to their wardrobe with her looks.

If you’re looking for this modern  inspiration for Wednesday’s style, find out basic styling tips below!

Basic Styling Tips To Re-create Wednesday Addams Looks

Gothic Makeup

If you want to re-create Wednesday’s gothic makeup, here are some makeup tips that you need to try.

#Eye makeup

One of the keys of Wednesday’s makeup look is on her piercing eyes. With fierce eye makeup making the eyes are getting bigger.


As we already know that on Tim Burton’s movie casts are having pale skin and deep cheekbones. So, to create a typical director Tim Burton make-up for Wednesday is to apply a light and pale base color, according to the character’s look.

Basic Styling Tips To Re-create Wednesday Addams Looks

#Lip Makeup

For lip makeup, Jenna Ortega uses MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth mixed with a clear balm. Tara McDonald, the make-up artist, also said that you can get plum-brown lips like the female character Wednesday by mixing a lip liner and some lip balm.


For hairstyles suitable for any event and very easy to do. Part your hair down the middle, then braid each side above the ears and make sure the hair hangs over the front of the shoulders to make it look like Wednesday Addams. This style will give you an iconic and stunning look.

Vintage Black Dress

Wednesday Addams wore a custom-made long-sleeved maxi dress with black floral dots.


After that, you can combine a Cambridge Satchel Company in Black leather backpack.

Black Ruffle Chiffon Gown

Basic Styling Tips To Re-create Wednesday Addams Looks

When she attended to the prom, Wednesday Addams wore a black ruffled chiffon sleeveless dress with a vintage design.

Black Cropped Jacket

If you to get the maximum style, wear a black double-breasted style cropped jacket when you leave the house.

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