Bob Freville is Back with DRIVE-THRU, a Biting Satire!

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Bob Freville hits your bookshelves again, this time with a full-length satire of fast food culture, prefab personalities, and every deplorable secret we try to stuff down with cheeseburgers, DRIVE-THRU.

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Howdy, folks! Well, it’s finally here. Whamageddon is upon us and we couldn’t be more frightened, right? Knowing that any moment George Micheal and his utterly forgettable cohort could appear like a Chimera and serenade us into oblivion? It’s enough to immobilize even the most joyous of us this holiday season, but I say rage. Rage against the threat of George Michael, and let fly your freaky flag of holiday cheer. A Merry Festivus for the Rest of Us!
I know I’m in a decreasing minority as someone who genuinely loves the holiday season and all of its sights, sounds, flavors and smells, so you’ll be happy to know that I’ve brought you a caustic antidote to holiday cheer: Bob Freville, author of THE FILTHY MARAUDERS and THE PROUD & THE DUMB, has returned with a full-lenght novel of biting satire, DRIVE-THRU.

“A hack writer, a reluctant heroin dealer, a snotty rich kid, a wanna-be gangsta, and two very dissatisfied women. What do they all have in common? More than they would like to admit.
After a trip to a drive-thru fails to produce their desired fast-food items, five relative strangers find themselves trapped inside an empty quick-serve restaurant with a racist robot and a thoroughly despicable narrator.
As paranoia sets in and tensions escalate, the group employs stereotypes and superstitions in their effort to make sense of their mysterious circumstance. What follows is a cruel satire challenging everything we think we know about addiction, freedom, casual dining, consumerism, and cannibalism.”
Cruel is an apt

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