Brian Cox Actually Won’t Miss Telling People To ‘F*ck Off’ Now That He’s Done With ‘Succession’

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Brian Cox is one who rarely holds his tongue. His memoir includes him trashing everyone from Steven Seagal to Quentin Tarantino and Johnny Depp. His Succession son Jeremy Strong knows full well what he thinks of his approach to acting. But is he the kind of person who tells people to “f*ck off” with the same frequency as Logan Roy? He is not. And now that he’s done with the show, he won’t even miss saying that.

In a new interview with Variety, the legendary Scottish actor — who finally achieved household name status as Succession’s tyrannical paterfamilias — echoed statements by other actors, like some of the Stranger Things cast, who are glad their shows are coming to an end.

“American series live well past their sellout date: This one won’t do that. HBO would love us to go for as long as Game of Thrones, but thank God it won’t happen,” he said. “I would find it hard-going to be saying ‘f*ck off’ to people for the next 10 years, although it’s the nicest thing to say to someone. You can actually say how you feel.”

Cox wasn’t even sentimental when the show wrapped. “I felt nothing when I played the last scene [on ‘Succession’]. Nothing! It was the last scene, finito.” He even teased the ending. “Logan absolutely gets what he needs. That’s the great thing about the show. He gets peace, which is good.”

Succession returns for its fourth and final season on March 26 on HBO and HBO Max.

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