CASIO G-SHOCK Announces New Timepieces For Stay Gold Collection

The G-SHOCK Stay Gold Collection has been expanded by Casio America, Inc. with the introduction of the men’s models GM5600G-9 and GM2100G-1A9 as well as the women’s models GMS2100GB-1A and GMS5600GB-1 in a smaller size. A gold IP Bezel, gold side buttons, and simple dial treatments are included on all four models. The new models are for buyers who value a classic gold color scheme together with practicality appropriate for everyday usage.These watches are worth looking at only for the gold embellishments, while their small size adds to their allure. In addition to having a three-year battery life, the GM2100G-1A9 and GMS2100GB-1A include a hand retract function that allows the hands to temporarily retract when the hour and minute hands are blocking the digital display. For visibility in the dark, these versions additionally come with high brightness Double LED (Super Illuminator) lights. The full-digital GM5600G-9 and GMS5600GB-1 have a distinctive square casing, a two-year battery life, and an EL backlight for a little reduced price.

The G-SHOCK technology included in all four watches includes features including Full Auto Calendar, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Alarm(s), 200M Water Resistance, and 2- and 3-Year Battery Life. The GM2100G-1A9 and GMS2100GB-1A are available for a retail price of $240 and $200 accordingly, and the GM5600G-9 and GMS5600GB-1 retail price is $220 and $180 accordingly.

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