Coronation Street: Esther is Summer’s biological mother, says fan theory

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A Coronation Street fan theory has suggested that Esther Hargrave could be Summer Spellman’s biological mother.

Recently Summer came to an agreement with couple Esther and Mike that they would adopt her baby.

But now one fan thinks that Summer could be related to Esther.

Esther and Mike are planning to adopt Summer’s baby (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Summer and Esther

Summer met Esther and her husband Mike last month.

Summer soon found out she was pregnant and Esther supported her.

Esther soon opened up to Summer that she and Mike were struggling to have a baby and the couple offered to adopt Summer’s baby in return for money.

At first Summer planned to have an abortion but changed her mind when she learnt her boyfriend Aaron needed £10k to pay for his dad’s rehab.

Summer told Mike and Esther they could adopt the baby in return for money.

They immediately transferred her the money and Aaron’s dad, Eric, went to rehab.

However this week, Eric returned and began drinking again.

Summer ended up suffering a miscarriage. But she told Aaron that she didn’t want to tell Mike and Esther yet as they needed more money for Eric to go back to rehab.

One fan thinks that Esther could be Summer’s mum (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fan theory suggests Esther is Summer’s biological mother

But one fan thinks there’s going to be a huge twist in the storyline – Esther will turn out to be Summer’s biological mother.

They wrote: “Also could Esther be Summer’s bio mum? Been thinking we don’t know who her birth mum is.”

Who is Summer’s dad?

Summer is the adoptive daughter of Drew Spellman.

Drew died in 2017 and Summer went to live with her Godfather and Drew’s ex-boyfriend Billy Mayhew.

Billy is Summer’s Godfather (Credit: ITV)

It has never been revealed who Summer’s biological parents are.

So is there a chance that Esther could be Summer’s mother?

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