Cutest Fair Isle Christmas Sweaters under $100

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One of my favorite winter wardrobe staples, especially around the holidays, is a Fair Isle sweater. You know the ones– crewneck, the classic, tastefully “tacky” knitted sweaters that look like they came straight out of an L.L. Bean catalogue. The ones that remind you of Great Brittain.

I’ve always loved them. They’re classic, cozy, festive, without feeling like a full-on Christmas sweater. I love that you can wear them all winter, long after the holidays. This year, I’ve been wearing a few affordable Fair Isle sweaters on rotation, and I thought it would be fun to share them on the blog, along with a few other affordable Fair Isle finds.

Whether you’re looking for a festive, classic holiday sweater, or if you need something easy for a tacky Christmas sweater party, I’ve got you covered with the finds in this post.

Let’s get right to it.

Unfortunately the green sweater above is no longer available.

Cutest Fair Isle Christmas Sweaters under $100

What is a Fair Isle Sweater?

Fair Isle sweaters that we see today come from the traditional knitting technique named after Fair Isle, one of the Shetland Islands. They became super popular when the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, wore them around the 1920s.  The term Fair Isle has become pretty generic since then, and typically refers to any multicolored, geometric knitwear. It’s common to see the royals wearing them in the winter.

What Are The Different Types Of Fair Isle Sweaters?

I don’t know that there are truly different types of Fair Isle knitwear. The sweaters can come in many patterns and colors. Most traditional Fair Isle patterns have been passed down through generations, so a specific knitter may have a style that’s easy to note. Some patterns that are popular are eight pointed stars, Nordic snowflakes, diamonds, etc.

Where to buy a Fair Isle Sweaters

You can still buy Fair Isle sweaters directly from Fair Isle, if you’re looking for a truly authentic Fair Isle sweater, but most retailers make similar styles around the holidays. My favorites this year have been from Maurice’s, since the price is SO great, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality. They also do free shipping for orders over $50. I found a few great options from Amazon, Old Navy, Gap, and Nordstrom too, which I’ve linked below.

How to style Fair Isle Sweaters for the Winter Season

My favorite way to wear my Fair Isle sweaters is with denim. Depending on the length of the sweater, I’ll tuck it into my jeans or  give the front a small tuck. I wear them casually, but I’ve seen Kate Middleton pair hers with a blazer which looked so cute on her.

The Best Fair Isle Sweaters Under $100

Holiday Truck Fair Isle Sweater

This cute holiday truck themed sweater is under $30 from Maurice’s. It fits true to size, and I’m wearing an XS. I paired it with blue denim, but you could also wear it with red or green velvet pants!

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Tree Fair Isle Sweater

Another great Maurice’s find! This sweater is right around $30 too, but unfortunately all of the regular sizes have sold out. The plus sizes are still in stock, however! If you love the pattern, but your size is unavailable, this cardigan comes in the same pattern.

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Pearl Fair Isle Mock Neck Sweater

I don’t have this version yet, but I love that it isn’t holiday themed. Patterns like this are much easier to wear for the rest of the winter than a sweater with Christmas trees or reindeer. This sweater is right at $30 as well, and fully stocked! I especially love the mock neck style.

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Fair Isle Cozy Shaker-Stitch Pullover Sweater

I absolutely love this Old Navy sweater. The neutral colors are right up my ally. If I had winter white jeans, I’d pair this with them. This sweater is $40, but Old Navy is almost always having a sale.

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Forever Cozy Sweater

This patterned sweater from Gap is calling my name. The snow pink color-way is my favorite because of the bright rainbow of colors. It’s currently on sale for 40% off, making it around $40. Snag this while it’s in stock, it’s going fast!

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J.Crew Factory Fair Isle Sweater

I found the perfect Christmas-y non Christmas sweater from J.Crew Factory. The colors are festive, but since there are not real holiday designs in the pattern, you can wear it all season. It’s 60% off, making it $39!

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Madewell Mayer Fair Isle Merino Wool Blend Sweater

Need a sweater that will last you through Valentine’s Day? This is it. I LOVE the pink and red colors! You could wear it for the holidays easily (candy cane colors!), and then also wear it through February for any and all Valentines themed events. The length looks like it hits right at the waist so it’s no oversized, which I like. It’s on sale for under $70 from Nordstrom.

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Neya Fair Isle Cardigan

This Fair Isle sweater is only included in this under $100 roundup since it’s on sale, so snag it now! I LOVE the happy colors and the cardigan style top with buttons. It’s 40% off and under $90.

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Amazon Essentials Soft-Touch Crewneck Novelty Sweater

You know I love a good Amazon find. This crewneck novelty sweater looks MUCH more expensive than it is. My favorite color is the Dark Chestnut Brown Heather/Coral Pink/Beige, Fair Isle (sorry, that’s what it says!!) option. The brown color is super tasteful, and you can’t beat the $19 price tag!

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Knit Pullover Sweater Ugly Christmas Reindeer Sweater

This Amazon Fair Isle sweater is a great option for a tacky Christmas sweater party. It has the vibe of a Fair Isle pattern, but it’s more silly than the traditional versions. It’s from Amazon, and under $70. While that’s on the pricier end for an Amazon find, you can wear it year after year for your holiday parties.

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I hope you find a fun sweater for the holiday season and winter months!

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