Dax Shepard Reveals the 1 Person Who Kristen Bell Has Ever Been Jealous Of in Hollywood

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Dax Shepard Reveals the 1 Person Who Kristen Bell Has Ever Been Jealous Of in Hollywood

Dax Shepard just revealed that his wife Kristen Bell has only been jealous of 1 person in the entire 15 years that he’s known her, and that person is Anna Kendrick.

Anna was a guest on Dax‘s podcast where he made the reveal to her. Dax was given permission by Kristen to recount this story.

Read more about what Dax said inside…

“I’ve known Kristen for fifteen years, she has only had jealousy over a single human, and it’s been you,” Dax said during a recent episode of his “Armchair Expert” podcast. “I’d never [seen] it. It blew my mind. Kristen was like, ‘Who is this other short person? Oh, so she can sing like that too? I’m already here. We got another one.’”

Dax added, “I wanna preface it by that—in the 15 years I’ve known Kristen, she’s had nothing but benevolence for everyone. She monitored you, recognized how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you, and slowly processed the whole thing, and has nothing but wonderful feelings for you. But you’re the only person who ever made her jealous that I witnessed.”

Anna then said she did have a feeling that Kristen may have had an issue with her.

“But I do think a massive percentage of that is just genuinely when it comes to really sweet angelic blonde girls,” Anna said. “I just assumed they think I am weird, they think I am like this weird little troll. And I don’t think of Kristen as short, I think of her as just an angel, and she’s so sweet. And I feel so rough around the edges that I was like, ‘Oh, she must not like me.’ I am sure that’s just my projections, that’s not actually how she feels.”

Anna added, “Maybe there was just some energetic thing there. In all likelihood there wasn’t and it was just my typical thing of certain women who look a certain way scare me and I just assume that they won’t like me.”

Dax then jumped in to say, “I have to be ultra clear with you: She never disliked you.”

We have photos of Kristen and Anna posing together at an event from over 10 years ago!

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