Denzel Curry And Midwxst’s ‘Tally’ Video Is A Blast From The Past

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Denzel Curry has earned a break. The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” dropped his album Melt My Eyez, See Your Future in March, followed by an extended edition in September. He supported the release with a headlining US tour and an NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance. Additionally, he opened for a portion of Kid Cudi’s To The Moon World Tour.

Instead of using January to catch his breath, Curry featured on Armani White’s “Goated” single. He’s keeping his foot on the gas today, January 25, by releasing “Tally” alongside Midwxst. Curry also announced two May shows at New York City’s Blue Note Jazz Club.

Fittingly, the beginning of the video for “Tally” has a very jazzy feel. Curry is from Florida, and Midwxst has roots in Indiana, but we find them in old-timey California .

“It was 1944 in Bel-Air, California. The bars closed five hours ago, but the smell of whiskey was still in the air,” a narrator says while black-and-white shots of Bel-Air flick across the screen. “Midwxst, Denzel Curry, and the rest of the crew own the town without any opposition or conflict. Little did they know that danger was wearing a new dress and was awaiting their arrival.”

A cloaked Midwxst makes his way up an elaborate staircase holding a gun. He encounters a gorgeous woman in a room and immediately drops his gun to talk with her. She appears to successfully be seducing him, but he never loses the upperhand.

“I met this girl down in Tally,” he raps in the chorus. “She said she flew in from Cali ;Not LA, though, she live in the Valley /Got a twin and I think her name Sally / Not my type, so I curved her real proudly.”

Curry is similarly skeptical, lighting her cigarette at a dinner table. She watches him as he delivers a hard verse that nimbly manages to reference people and things that normally wouldn’t figure to go together, like Kobe Bryant, Jeffrey Dahmer, Speaker Knockerz, The Notorious BIG, and Davy Jones’ locker.

By the end, Midwxst and the woman are cruising down the street. All seems to be well until she draws the gun on him.

Any Curry fan shouldn’t be surprised by his participation in such a cinematic video. He announced Melt My Eyez with a Spaghetti Western-themed trailer, visited a post-apocalyptic desert in his “Walkin’” video, recreated the original 1995 Madden for “The Game,” flexed his status as a cinephile for “Zatoichi,” and “traversing over a Cyberpunk-like cityscape in an X-Wing Starfighter vehicle” for his “X-Wing” video.

Watch the “Tally” video above, and watch the behind-the-scenes cut below.

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