Deuce Vaughn Sat A TCU Defender Down With A Disgusting Cut On This Touchdown Run

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The Kansas State Wildcats are trying to get a measure of revenge on TCU and ruin their perfect season on Saturday afternoon. The Wildcats and the undefeated Horned Frogs are squaring off in the Big 12 championship game, which doubles as a rematch of a game that TCU won in Fort Worth earlier this year.

If the Wildcats are able to go on to win the game, the fine folks in Manhattan are going to discuss this touchdown run by standout running back Deuce Vaughn for years to come. While facing a second-and-5 from right near midfield, Kansas State called on their standout running back to make a big play. Vaughn managed to hit a gigantic hole that let him pick up the first down, and then did a whole heck of a lot more, which included embarrassing a TCU defender with one of the nastiest jukes that you will see this season.

Sticking your foot in the ground to hit a hole like this is impressive enough, but doing this in the open field to sit an opposing player down on your way to the end zone is just spectacular. The 44-yard touchdown put the Wildcats up, 28-17, and was the first time that Vaughn picked up six on the afternoon.

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