Emmerdale spoilers: Vengeful Gabby knocked back by nanny Nicky

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Gabby celebrates a successful business presentation by leaning in for a kiss with Nicky.

However, Nicky soon swerves her advances.

How will Gabby react in Emmerdale spoilers?

Gabby’s idea gets the go ahead (Credit: ITV)

Gabby’s business presentation goes successfully

Recently, Gabby’s been eager to show Kim exactly what she’s capable of when it comes to the business.

She’s been eager to outshine Dawn and become Kim’s favourite.

Next week, Gabby pitches an idea to Kim of expanding the business into schools.

Kim’s impressed and gives Gabby the go ahead to make it work.

Gabby then delivers a presentation in front of Nicola, Councillor Colin and representatives of local schools.

Her initial nerves are evident and cause Kim to worry.

However, after seeing Kim’s reaction Gabby redeems herself when answering concerns of health and safety.

Nicola is amazed by the plan and gives her the thumbs up.

Kim praises Gabby for how well the presentation went and offers her the role of deputy.

Gabby believes this calls for a celebration.

Gabby is humiliated as Nicky rejects her (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky rejects Gabby

It’s no secret that Gabby has the hots for nanny Nicky.

When employing a new nanny for Home Farm, Gabby was delighted when Dawn gave the job to Nicky after their original choice turned them down.

Since then she’s been flirting with Nicky and enjoying his presence in the house.

After her successful presentation, Gabby opens a bottle of fizz and asks Nicky to stay and celebrate with her.

However, after getting drunk, Gabby goes in for a kiss.

Nicky swerves and tells Gabby that he only likes her as a friend.

He doesn’t see her in a romantic way.

Gabby’s left feeling embarrassed as Dawn watches the rejection.

Will Gabby get over Nicky?

Will things become awkward around Home Farm?

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Emmerdale - Gabby Can't Stop Looking At Nicky (15th December 2022)

Emmerdale - Gabby Can't Stop Looking At Nicky (15th December 2022)

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