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This week, we’re dissecting a favorite comfort watch movie for decor and home inspiration. This is an ongoing series for us, and this week’s selection is It’s Complicated, a Nancy Meyers film from 2009.

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Show Notes:

It’s Complicated movie description:

Our main character is Meryl Streep, who is a woman who’s been divorced for 10 years. She owns a bakery. She has three children. They’re all grown. She hasn’t really dated in a while and she’s kind of looking at her life because she’s now gonna be an empty nester.

She gets into a relationship with her ex-husband, who is married to the woman that he cheated on her with, and it doesn’t go well. At the same time, she’s also beginning to kind of date the architect who’s helping with her kitchen renovation.

That kind of becomes a complicated love triangle. In the end, she’s not really with either of them, although the movie kind of leaves the door open for a relationship with the architect. 

-Elsie’s Pinterest board for Nancy Myers movies

image via Hooked on Houses

Things on the counter of the kitchen:

  • Three containers of wooden utensils, a bowl of clementines, lilacs, fresh herbs, tomatoes, artichokes, a cake stand with croissants, and a cake stand with a cake

Elsie’s favorite quote from the movie:

“Do you by chance poke smot?”

Rate the movie:

Emma – 10 out 10 croissants

Elsie – 10 out of 10 chocolate croissants

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Episode 167 Transcript:

Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess Podcast, your cozy comfort. Listen. This week we’re dissecting a favorite comfort watch movie for decor and home inspiration. This is an ongoing series for us, and this week’s selection is, it’s complicated. And Nancy Meyer’s film from 2009. So I did my re-watch yesterday and you did yours a couple of days ago, right?

Emma: Yes. 

Elsie: So this is gonna be so much fun. It’s very fresh on my mind. I took notes. I don’t feel like I really needed to rewatch it cause I had just watched it last year, but I did anyway just to make sure I didn’t miss any details. But yeah, it’s so fun. So we are gonna do pretty much every Nancy Meyers movie, but we’re also gonna do lots of other comfort movies. So we would love to hear your suggestions. We have a huge list from Instagram. A lot of people were picking the same ones over and over again, which was helpful for us. And whatever your movie is, we’ll probably be able to get to it eventually. And we’re going to even do it during Halloween time, Halloween movies, Christmas time, Christmas movies. It’s gonna be all year round. It’s gonna be amazing. Okay, so Emma, describe the movie for those who haven’t watched it. 

Emma: Yes. Okay, so it’s complicated. Our main character is Meryl Streep, who is a woman who’s been divorced for 10 years. She owns a kind of patisserie or coffee shop type place. They seem to be in like southern California. She has three children, two daughters, and a son. They’re all grown. It seems like the youngest daughter is going off to college and the oldest daughter’s getting married. So she’s kind of at that stage in her life it seems like from when she talks with her friends. She hasn’t really dated in a while. And she’s, kind of looking at her life cuz she’s now gonna be an empty nester. Like I said, her daughter’s moving out, and she actually gets into a relationship with her ex-husband who is married to the woman that he cheated on her with. He’s married to her now and we find out throughout the course of the film that he’s trying to have a baby with his wife. Who also has a young son, and we just kind of see them be in these completely different times in life where she’s living. Her children are grown and she’s starting that era of life, but he’s still in kind of the, have a young son and trying to have a baby phase of life. So just very different. But they start having an affair and it doesn’t go well. And she’s also at the same time beginning to kind of date the architect who’s helping with her kitchen renovation. She’s adding an addition to her home that she’s always wanted for this dream kitchen cuz she loves cooking cuz she owns the Patisserie coffee shop. And so that kind of becomes a complicated love triangle in a way. And in the end, she’s not really with either of them, although I think the movie kind of leaves the door open for a relationship with the architect. But it’s kind of left to the viewer, I think, to decide. 

Elsie: Yeah, they seemed like they were kind of hooking up in the last scene. But yeah, it definitely could have had a part two. 

Emma: Definitely wish it did.

Elsie: I will say my biggest and only complaint about the movie is that it doesn’t show the dream kitchen, and I’m very hung up on this. It’s unforgivable, and I do have a section down farther along where we can imagine what we think the dream kitchen would’ve looked like because that’s kind of all we have,

Emma: Yeah, she mentions it has four walls. That’s really all she mentions about it though. 

Elsie: And we know that like above, there’s a second floor with her bedroom and it’s gonna have an ocean view cuz they’re like standing up on ladders and you can see the ocean, a tiny bit of trees, which is adorable. Anyway. Okay, so this movie came out in 2009. I specifically remember my memory of it. I did not watch it in 2009, but I remember our aunts at Christmas were talking about how excited they were about it. Han Zimmer just posted that this movie came out right after Christmas and the holiday came out right before Christmas. These are like his two Christmas Nancy Meyers movies. They’re very special together. But I remember them talking about it. I remember the commercials at the time, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin is like kind of iconic. And I remember at the time thinking like, oh, that’s cute, that’s a movie for old people and now da da da. 10 years later, it’s a movie for me, and I love it. 

Emma: Yeah. I would say it’s a booby for everyone. I don’t remember the first time I watched this either. I did not watch it in the theater. But, I’m sure I’ve watched it now at least five times and I don’t like watching it every single year necessarily, so I feel like it’s been a minute, but yeah. What was strange though, was when I rewatched it a couple of nights ago, I was watching it with my husband, Trey, and he was like, oh yeah, I’ve never seen this one. And I was like, what? How have you not seen it? It was one of those moments where you’re like, I feel like I’ve watched this a bunch of times and I guess it was never with you, even though we’ve been married 10 years. Cause I’m like, why did that happen? So I got to hear his first time takes on the movie, which was kind of fun. 

Elsie: Nice. I watched it for the first time, actually only a couple of years ago. I think it might have been when I was doing my bike thing or before that, maybe during the quarantine. I love it. I did have a Nancy Meyers marathon to fill in any of the movies I hadn’t seen. and yeah, I think I’ve watched it a couple of times since then. For a while it was like free on Amazon Prime, I think, but it’s not anymore, which sucks. But anyway, I remember my first impression of it was like that it was pretty recent. oh my God, adorable. Baby John Krasinski. Yeah, like early office, john Krasinski is in it. He’s so adorable. He’s really funny and cute in it. He’s so cute and his character’s so cute and I love that he’s in both of the Christmastime Nancy Myers movies. I just think that is like a check for his status. 

Emma: Yeah. I also think this and 30 Rock are probably my favorite Alec Baldwin things, movies, or TV shows. Because I just think he’s so hilarious in both of them, and I really do think he brings a lot to this character, the ex-husband who she starts hooking up with again. Because in a way I think it would be so easy to view him as the villain of the movie. I think in many ways he doesn’t always make great choices. Right?

Elsie: Yeah. He’s kind of villainy. 

Emma: Yeah, but I think that Alec Baldwin’s performance and also the writing, I think kind of Lynn’s these other sides to him or to me, he comes off very sincere. And almost like a little bit of a doofus where you’re like, I don’t think he has bad intentions. I think he’s just not thinking things through very well. I think Alec Baldwin does such a great job with this, and then, I don’t know if we’ve mentioned this yet, but the love interest, the architect who she begins dating is Steve Martin. Who, growing up in the jerk era Steve Martin was always kind of a celebrity crush for me. I don’t know, it’s fun. I also think it’s just hilarious that in so many romcom movies, the love interest is an architect. I guess women just want architects. I don’t know. 

Elsie: Yeah, I guess that’s a good point. I’m definitely in love with Steve Martin for life. He’s up there forever. Okay, so decor, inspiration. I wanna really break this down because this is one of the best Nancy Meyers movies for decor inspiration, in my opinion. That’s one of the reasons why we picked it for our first one. It’s just like such a kitchen, and it’s funny that it’s not even her dream kitchen and still one of the most internet famous movie kitchens of all time. It’s a really good kitchen. We have a thing where we don’t put other people’s pictures on our website, but I have a pinboard that’s Nancy Myers movie photos. So I’ll link that in the show notes. It comes in handy. Or you can just Google it, It’s complicated kitchen. It’s pretty much the most important set of the whole movie. I looked up and it was like a sound stage, so, just a set. So if you want to copy it, I would love it if someone exactly replicated this kitchen as a remodel. Don’t you think that’s a good idea? 

Emma: Yeah. What I love about the kitchen too is it feels really cozy and really stylish, but also, to me, I think they did a great job of making it look like a kitchen that someone who really does love cooking has because sometimes you see a kitchen and a character’s supposed to love cooking and you’re kinda like, no, they don’t cook. I’m sorry. But they don’t even have anything in their kitchen that looks useful. In this kitchen. I feel like they’re doing two things. One, they did a great job making it look like a place where someone who actually loves cooking probably cooks. And then two, I think they try to make it look very full and cluttered. It doesn’t really look cluttery to me, but it does look very full. And I think they do that in part to kind of be like, see she needs a bigger kitchen. But really it doesn’t, it’s a beautiful kitchen. Obviously, if she has a dream kitchen, live your dreams Meryl Streep’s character.

Elsie: I wrote, one of my notes says friendly clutter, because there are certain scenes where there are like keys on the island and real life things that would really, you know, like sunglasses and stuff. That is the type of thing that is always gonna be in your house. That’s pretty much never gonna be in a movie, makes it look real, and I love it. I would classify this kitchen as Martha Stewart, like peak Martha Stewart Era kitchen. Don’t you think? To be fair, the Martha Stewart era is not really over. Peak Martha Stewart era, I think 2009 and the early two thousands was definitely a time in the world where, her whole vibe, the woman who knows how to do everything. And Meryl Streep has a lot of that vibe. She knows how to bake croissants from scratch. She has a huge garden, that looks like a lot of work to maintain and she has all these cute little recipes that she’s always making. It’s really cute. 

Emma: I also wondered if her bakery coffee shop and kind of her life a little bit. Was maybe a little bit modeled off of Barefoot Contessa, as I feel like her bakery kind of. I’ve never even been to her old, that was how she started before she became the celebrity chef that we all know her as. But I’ve never been there or anything. But I just wonder if maybe it was kind of that sort of vibe, but I don’t know. Anyway, that’s also still the Martha Stewart era, I suppose. 

Elsie: So her store in the movie is called The Bakery. I looked up to see if the shooting location was a real bakery because it easily could have been. But it wasn’t. It was a sound stage. I was so sad. I’m kind of a nerd about movies, but I love going to filming locations. And taking a picture of diners and just like places that were in movies. I think it’s very fun. This movie doesn’t have hardly anything though that was real, except for like exteriors. I’m not taking a picture of the exterior of someone’s house. Okay, so here are all the things that I wrote down that she has on her counter throughout the different scenes. Are you ready for this? A cluster of three containers of wood utensils. I think that’s the vibe. Like that’s the move, right? Like, you don’t need one, you need three. She has one of the counter skirts where it’s like the little fabric, you know, covering. Instead of doors, which have recently started to become more in style again, and I just think it’s so interesting. It’s like very English. It’s very, Like friendly and casual. She has a bowl of clementines. She has lilac, she has fresh herbs. She has her pot rack. I think this is to Emma’s point of like the real kitchen. It’s a mixture of stainless steel and copper. Instead of being just like the perfect copper collection, like what you see on Pinterest every day, it’s, it does look like a real set of favorite pots and pans collected over time. Then there’s like tomatoes, artichokes, and then in one scene there’s like separate cake, stand with croissants and a separate one with a cake. , I just love it. I think that this is essential, how to Nancy Myers, your home is having this food around a display in the kitchen, having the fresh herbs, it’s just so friendly feeling.

Emma: Yeah. Especially if you get high later, like Meryl Streep’s character does, then you really need some cake.

Elsie: Yes! Okay, my favorite quote from the whole movie is, “Do you by Chance Poke Smot?” It’s so cute. 

Emma: I actually think Meryl Streep should have won an Oscar for this, for like most accurate portrayal of an older lady being high because it’s just excellent.

Elsie: Yeah, I agree. It was a 10. I love the scene where John Krasinski goes into the bathroom and they’re smoking in the bathroom. And he was like, I don’t smoke marijuana. Okay. Just one. 

Emma: Yeah, that needs to be like, you know what, yes. Oh, also in her kitchen, I kind of interrupted you to talk about getting high because of the cake, but I also love her giant fridge. I don’t know if it’s a sub-zero, but that tends to be what the big fridges and fancy kitchens are. I don’t know. But she’s got one of those giant fridges and when they open it up, it’s certain scenes you see all these like Tupperware of leftovers and things. And to me, there’s nothing cozier than delicious leftovers and having space for all of that in your fridge. And I hadn’t noticed this before, but there’s a dent at least in a few scenes in the fridge. And I don’t know if maybe that was on purpose or if it was on accident, but I feel like it kind of works for the story of the movie, both that she cooks a lot and that she wants a new kitchen. But there’s kind of this fairly substantial dent in the door of the refrigerator.

Elsie: That actually makes me feel good about myself because in our home we have an old subzero fridge that came with the house and it has a dent in it. 

Emma: Well, you’re just like Meryl Streep’s character then, so you’re good. 

Elsie: They were just the same and we both have a bowl of clementine. Oh, and the other thing I wanted to mention is I think her kitchen is the perfect reference for an open concept kitchen that’s not too open because it opens into a dining room, and then after that, a living room. So there’s some separation. Obviously, there’s not a lot of walls, there’s a lot of flow and there’s kind of a big arch that frames the kitchen. So you have a view from the living room. But I also just think it’s functional, and I think it’s nice to have it by the dining room, instead of the couch. 

Emma: And they have scenes where she has the architect over for dinner one night and they’re just eating dinner at the kitchen counter. And other times that different characters are eating at the counter, quick meals, or just eating some leftovers. And then there are also a few scenes where she’s having a larger dinner with her family at the dining room table, but you can still kind of see the kitchen in different views. And I feel like that’s like the perfect open concept but still has different spaces where it’s like, it still seemed special to me that they were in the dining room, but it also was nice that there’s like an eat-in option in the kitchen of like just sitting at the countertop eating the sandwiches that she had baked.

Elsie: Yes, I love it. Okay, so let’s talk about the bakery. So first of all, should we just open a bakery?

Emma: It seems like way too much work, but I mean, yeah, I think maybe my dream is just to go to a bakery every day. 

Elsie: You know what, that seems like a simpler solution. Maybe we can have like bakery a month where we can just have a month where we go to a bakery kind of like constantly and then we can take a break after that cause we’ll probably be okay.

Emma: Honestly, nothing makes me feel more like a fancy lady than when it’s a weekday and I probably should be at work and I’m just like at a coffee shop getting a cookie and a latte. I. So fancy and I’m doing something truant. You know, like, I’m not in school. I’m at the bakery 

Elsie: That’s adorable. 

Emma: I’m very rebellious.

Elsie: Yeah. I feel like the bakery, it’s like the whole movie’s worth watching just for the very short scenes where you get to glimpse. What the bakery looks like. It’s so beautiful. It’s not just a bakery, it’s the type of place where you can also buy perfect candles and flowers.

Emma: Jar of honey, fancy jar of olives, that kind of thing. 

Elsie: I thought it was kind of an ultimate comfort scene. I was really hoping it was gonna be a real bakery that was just like a little bit different, and we could go there and it would be so cool. 

Emma: Well, and it seems so busy in the scene that they show where they’re kind of zoomed out, but then in another scene, she sees some police officers driving by and she says what their order is. So it seems, at least in the movie, they’re trying to give you the impression that it was very successful, but also she sees the regulars and knows what they’re ordering, and I thought that was really cute and quaint too. Cute, fun detail. 

Elsie: Very cute. Okay, so anything about the movie that did not age well?

Emma: I think at first they’re making the new wife, who was someone who had an affair with the ex-husband a bit like they were doing too much hate towards her. Cause I was like, okay, so she’s a working mom. But I feel like in the end, they brought it back around just through others, you kind of start to feel sorry for her or you, they give her a lot more humanity towards the middle and end of the movie and I liked that. I felt like they redeemed it a little bit. Cuz at first I was like okay, I know she had an affair and we don’t like her for that.

Elsie: She’s kind of like a simp simplistic hot young wife because her opening scene is like abs. 

Emma: Yeah. She’s walking in the swimsuit and her boobs are kind of bouncing and Meryl Streep’s character’s like, oh my gosh, you know, like whatever. But I also think the main thing they talk about is the affair and then how she works so much but wants to have another kid and that’s like making her crazy or something. I was like, I don’t really love that, but I think they kind of bring it back around. So I think it still works for me. But halfway through the movie, I was kinda like, I’m not sure I love this. I wish they had scaled it back, but then they did. So I’m like, okay, never mind.

Elsie: Yeah, I thought that at aged pretty well.

And it’s sort of a time capsule for its time, which a lot of Nancy Meyers movies are. For me, Alec Baldwin is not my top celebrity in any kind of way. But he’s in the movie, so that’s that and he does do a great performance. And yeah, that’s that. But yeah, I don’t know. I don’t really have any other complaints about it. 

Emma: No, I think it’s pretty great. Well, I just have to mention this, it’s very important. I think that this movie has a lot of scarf inspiration, so if you are a lady or man who wants to get into wearing more scarves, you gotta Google all her outfits because she’s always wearing something drapey like she’s just about to go to the natural grocery store. Or she’ll have more of a rainbowy one tucked into her collared shirt. I just kept it over and over to Trey. I kept commenting throughout the movie. I was like, do I need more scarves? Should I wear scarves more? Cause I just look so cute on her. 

Elsie: That’s funny. That is like a piece of trivia, but I honestly did not really notice it while I was watching. Okay, this is so random, but one of my favorite scenes of the whole movie is when they’re all in the kitchen eating leftovers at night and they all keep talking about the noodle thingy. And I wanna know what the noodle thingy is in that Tupperware and if can I try it. 

Emma: No, because Alec Baldwin’s character ate it all. 

Elsie: Yeah, it’s cute, it’s charming. But I think I’ve gushed quite a bit.

Emma: How much they love her cooking and everyone in the movie seems to complement it. It is really like goals. Like just my own fantasy of like, God, I hope my family talks about my cooking that way. And there are moments where she’s like, I can’t sleep so I just stay up making ice cream. I’ve made the lavender and honey ice cream again. And you’re like, oh my God, you’re like my girl crush. I can’t, this is adorable. I wanna be. 

Elsie: It is, I think that she’s a great person to put on your mood board. For goals of like your future self for people like us. I think she’s great. I love her. We have a lot of interests in common. Okay, so I have some trivia, this is sourced from I M D B, straight from the source. 

Emma: Nice. And we’re investigative reporters as you know.

Elsie: There’s obviously a lot of good ones, so I’ll just read them off and Emma hasn’t heard them, so you can just kind of react to them and tell me what you think is impressionable. So this one’s kind of funny. It says, Merril Streep asked her Vassar College if they could film the college graduation scenes on their campus. They refused, even though Streep serves on their board of trustees and has two children who attend there. Isn’t that funny? I feel like it had to be like a permit thing or something, right?

Emma: I’m sure it wasn’t we don’t like you thing. I’m sure it was we can’t cuz of something. 

Elsie: There’s no way they probably had some fights about that. Okay. John Krasinski admitted to initially being very nervous acting alongside Meryl Streep, so cute.

Emma: And so has every actor or actress who’s acted next to Meryl Strep ever. 

Elsie: Yeah. That’s very relatable. Okay, this is the scarf thing. Irma’s noticed an uptick in sales of their scarves as Meryl Streep wears three of them during the course of the film.

Emma: Well, if there had been an affiliate link at the end of the film, I would’ve clicked it I’m very interested. 

Elsie: That’s so funny. 

Emma: I’ve been influenced. 

Elsie: Okay, Steve Martin scenes all had to be shot in the first two months of production as he was about to embark on a solo stage tour. I wanna go to one of those shows cause I think he’s playing the banjo and doing a comedy routine, right?

Emma: We saw him, they came to Springfield, but it was him and Martin Short and they did their thing together and there wasn’t much music. I do think he did play the banjo at one point, but it was more of a comedy show. So it wasn’t the solo one, but it was very cute. 

Elsie: So you’ve already seen him? Oh my god, I’m very jealous. Okay, this one’s kind of mean, but it’s still funny. In the movie, Jane teases Jake about being an old father and being almost 80 when the potential child graduates from college since his second wife wants to have a baby. Shortly after making the movie, Alec Baldwin, who plays Jake, married a much younger woman and had several children with her in real life, making him over 80 years old when his youngest graduates college. Because remember she says, how is that even good? 

Emma: Oh yeah, well I think in the movie you get the vibe that he’s not particularly happy about it because I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with being an old parent man or woman.

Elsie: If you wanna do it. Actually, I think I’m an old parent compared to like Missouri standards and I love it.

Emma: Yeah, I think that’s really changed in more modern times. So, but I think in the movie you get the vibe that Jake’s character, Alec Baldwin’s character, doesn’t want to have another child, which is kind of maybe why he’s having this affair.

Elsie: Yeah, he wants his old life back. Okay, the part of Jane was written specifically for Meryl Streep who loved the final screenplay. Of course, it was and of course, she did. Oh my God. It’s perfect. I can’t imagine any other person in that role. 

Emma: I can’t either. Although I will say I do feel like that character is somewhat similar to Diane Keaton’s character in something’s gotta Give and then it’s just like a cute older lady who’s like charming and a little bit quirky.

Elsie: I take it back cuz I can imagine Diane Keaton playing the role.

Emma: So yeah, I could too. Although she’d already done a version of it, you know? 

Elsie: She’s the best. Okay, this film’s depiction of recreational marijuana smoking in an innocent manner without consequences is rumored to be the main reason for its R rating. Like but what consequences? What are the bad consequences? I don’t even understand. 

Emma: I don’t know if there are any bad consequences in the movie. I suppose you have to kind of assume that one of the characters does drive after they’ve gotten high. So that’s of course not something anyone should do, but other than that, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know if that really deserved an R rating. It’s just a little bit of marijuana. 

Elsie: It’s cute old people smoking pot. It’s adorable. I love it. It’s my favorite part of the whole movie. It was like the most laughs for me. I was like, cackling. So these are the other people who were all considered for the part that Alec Baldwin plays, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas or Tom Hanks. Can you imagine, which one would you pick? 

Emma: Michael Douglas. 

Elsie: Oh, okay. I think that’s a good pick. 

Emma: Yeah. Who would you have picked? 

Elsie: I wanna say, Mel Gibson, he’s, he’s in a Nancy Myers movie. I think that he would play a good ex-husband. I think stay with Alec Baldwin probably. Okay, although set in California, most of the film was shot in New York City. This is so fascinating because you can’t tell at all, and I think that’s what makes me realize that it was a lot of scenes shot indoors because you know the House sound stage was in New York City, and the bakery probably several others, but isn’t that crazy? 

Emma: Yeah. Because it really feels like Southern California. I feel like they show the outside of her house a good amount too, so they must have shut that however, they did. I don’t know.

Elsie: That house is definitely in the suburbs of LA, but I think that they just mean like most of the minutes of the movie. It is mostly indoors, it doesn’t seem like it. I thought it seemed very California, so they made it work. This one’s kind of a cute one. It says, this was the second movie released this year in 2009, where Meryl Streep’s character is involved in a cooking business. The other one was Julie in Julia for 2009. So I think we should definitely come back for that movie, let’s say by the end of the year maybe. I loved it. And that’s definitely at the top of my Nora Efron list. And also Julie Powell recently passed away, and she’s like really one of the original people who made food blogging what it is.

Emma: Yes, for sure. Yeah. I read that book a long time ago and I’ve seen that movie at least three times. 

Elsie: It’s so cute. Yeah. I just watched it pretty recently when I was doing my bike thing, and it is a banger, I loved it. It’s so much fun. Okay, two more, the first one, is extremely rare for lead actresses to be older than their leading man. Meryl Streep is nine years older than Alec Baldwin, while Steve is older than Merrill. This speaks to Merrill’s talents and how she was a great fit with Alec. You would never notice the age difference. Not at all, I would’ve never even known that. 

Emma: No, I certainly didn’t notice it. I also think the reverse is so normal that maybe that’s part of it too. And also, that’s one of the things I like about this movie and a number of other Nancy Meyers movies I think that she does a really great job and it’s interesting that she will portray women in a different stage of life than a lot of other romcoms. Like most romcoms would’ve focused on the oldest daughter in this movie who’s getting married. But she’s actually kind of a minor character. And we’re focused on Jane, on Meryl Streep’s character. So, and I think that’s kind of a Nancy Myers thing a little bit, which is very cool. It’s very, it’s cool to get older. If you haven’t heard it before on this podcast, you’re hearing it again. 

Elsie: Meryl Streep proves it. Actually, we get a lot of emails from people who really like it when we say that. So we’ll keep saying it forever. Don’t worry, we’re only getting older. We’re never getting younger. Okay, this is the last piece of trivia and probably like my favorite. So there’s a scene where both of the parents and all the children are watching a movie together eating popcorn, and they’re kind of laughing. It’s very sweet. 

Emma: Yeah, but they’re watching the graduate? Which isn’t funny.

Elsie: Oh, I didn’t know that you could see it. They just said on here they were watching the graduate. I thought that they showed a different movie.

Emma: Oh, I think they just show a tiny picture piece of it. I just happened to know, I’ve seen The Graduate. I like that movie, but it’s not really a family funny pop. I don’t know, it’s not that it’s that dark, but it’s pretty arty. I would say at least melancholy. 

Elsie: I loved the graduate and I remember from another Nancy Meyers deep dive that she and Dustin Hoffman are like friends from their kids going to school together and stuff. But okay, so it says, the reason why it’s cute is that the graduate is like featuring a young man who’s doing it with the older mom and having an affair. And this one features a man with a younger wife who’s going with the older mom.

Emma: Yes. I never really thought about that kind of symmetry. It’s like they thought about it. 

Elsie: I love it. This was so much fun. I loved doing it. It really warms my podcaster’s heart. So I’m glad that we’re gonna do more of these this year. I’m looking forward to rewatching it. So should we tell them a little sneak peek of some of the episodes we have coming up?

Emma: Yeah. But we’re supposed to be rating. I’m gonna give this 10 out of 10 croissants. One of my favorite Nancy buyers. 

Elsie: I’m also gonna give it 10 out of 10 chocolate croissants. I agree, it’s magical and weird and I don’t know, kind of geeky. It just gives me a really good feeling.

Emma: Yeah. I really like it. 

Elsie: Okay, so send us your comfort rewatch movies, anything that you’ve watched over and over and you feel like you could watch it, forever. We love rewatching movies, and I think it does take a special type of movie to become a re watcher. There are so many movies that you’re happy to just watch once, and then there are these special ones that you feel like you could watch 10 times and you wouldn’t be sick of it, you know? As long as it’s not all at once. So a couple of the ones we have coming up this season, and these are all requested from our listeners, are Jurassic Park, which that one was requested kind of oddly a lot of times. And then Emma said it was one of her favorite re-watches. Twilight, which was requested quite a bit, and I can’t wait to do it because I’m obsessed. I don’t even know what I’m obsessed with about it. I just love it. 

Emma: It was a cult phenomenon.

Elsie: Yeah, and the green filter and just like everything about it, I love it. Father of the bride, we wanna do that one soon. It’s another of our top Nancy Myers movies. We’re also gonna do the parent trap this spring, and then you’ve got mail. So those are all ones that we’ll be doing this spring definitely send us your request. And if you have even a request for a Halloween one or Christmas one, it’s not too early. We keep our list going all year round, so yeah, we can’t wait to continue this series. Cool, okay, we’ll be back next week.

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