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Floral Street Perfume Arizona Bloom
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Finding the right fragrance that a man or woman would both love can take considerable searching, especially if you’re hunting for a vegan perfume. After all, a woman may prefer a sweeter blend while a man may gravitate toward one that has more woods, etc. However, luxury vegan perfume brand, Floral Street has an Arizona Bloom perfume set that has a unique unisex appeal that either could enjoy wearing while help ending your fragrance gift buying problem.

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Arizona Bloom is unlike what you may expect. This natural fragrance has a dry underlying sweetness to its notes due to its Balinese coconut and yet it has an earthy allure that keeps it grounded until the jasmine petals and fig leaves emerge out of what seems like nowhere in that arid vastness, blooming with musky and fruity sweetness like suddenly wandering upon a hidden oasis. At this point, you can almost feel that coolness once it hits the air as it gently subdues that scorching heat for more of a fresh, light coconut and woody blend that is as mysterious as it is haunting.

If you want a fragrance that is different, this dry floral amber perfume is one to check out with a
mesmerizing sensual quality to it.

This Floral Street Arizona Bloom perfume gift set has a 1.7 oz. perfume and a 0.34 oz. perfume, the ideal size for packing in your handbag or when traveling. Normally, this limited edition holiday perfume gift set retails for $116. Now in time for holiday shopping, the brand has it currently on sale for just $89. Needless to say, this bargain is for a limited time. So if you’re in the market for buying a perfume gift, then this unisex vegan perfume set is a real steal.

If Arizona Bloom sounds intriguing, then why wait? Visit the Floral Street website to buy.

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