Georgia Caught LSU Napping And Scored A Touchdown On A Blocked Field Goal In The SEC Title Game

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Even with a loss against LSU in the SEC championship game, it’s believed that Georgia is safe and through to the College Football Playoff, where the Bulldogs will hope to defend their crown as the national champions. Of course, they can simply beat the Tigers in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, and thanks to an insane moment in the first quarter, they were able to take a 7-0 lead.

LSU lined up for a 32-yard field goal, but it ended up getting blocked. The ball slowly rolled to the Georgia 4-yard line, and the Bulldogs could have simply let the play die there and have their offense take over from their own 14.

Instead, Georgia defensive back Christopher Smith noticed that LSU’s special teams were not paying attention, so he decided to freelance. Smith picked it up and started taking off down the field, while a number of his teammates — well, at least the ones who saw what was going on and were not heading to the sideline — started to form a wall of blockers. You don’t even see a Tigers play come into frame until he’s on the 20, and by then, there’s not much anyone can do to stop him from scoring.

It’s quite the heads-up play by Smith. If there is a silver lining for LSU, it is that they were able to come back on the following possession and score a touchdown.

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