Gift Guide for Runners under $20

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Get gift ideas for your favorite running buddies without breaking the bank. These work great as a stocking stuffer for your running-obsessed loved ones as well or as birthday gifts year-round.

Gifting for runners can be hard. But I’ve found that the best gift is something practical that you know they’ll use. And even better is a gift that they don’t really want to buy themselves but they always need (i.e. see #9!).

While I shared my gift guide for runners who have everything a few days ago, it’s nice to have a few lower price options so I put together a guide for all of the best little gifts under $20 for your favorite runner. As a long-time runner (I’ve been running for over 20 years!), I always have an ongoing wishlist of things I’d love to have or need to replace, whether it be running socks, race snacks, new hairbands, or running books. And I bet nearly every runner has the same things on their list so you can’t go wrong with these.

Here are my top gift ideas for runners under $20.

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Gift Guide for Runners under $20

1. Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow Cookbook

This is one of my favorite cookbooks and I reference it all the time, both for recipes and nutrition advice for performance and recovery.

2. Body Glide

This isn’t necessarily a glamorous gift, but it’s definitely practical. EVERY runner needs this at one time or another! It makes a great stocking stuffer.

3. Glow Ponytail Holders

For runners with long hair, you can’t beat these Lululemon hairbands. They have reflectors on them, and they’re really strong which matters for thick hair like mine.

4. Insulated water bottle

This is a must have since staying hydrated even when not running is important. I carry mine around with me everywhere and I love that it doesn’t sweat on surface. (I save sweating for the miles!) Bonus points for pairing it with Nuun electrolyte tablets (my favorite is strawberry lemonade).

5. Muscle Roller Stick

Rolling out your calves is super important as a runner. This is a great tool for them to keep in their car. If they don’t have a foam roller already, then make sure to add that to your shopping list as well!

6. Textured Massage Ball 

This Textured Massage Ball is great for targeted tightness in hamstrings, glutes and feet. (GREAT for dealing with plantar fasciitis.)

7. Honey Stinger energy waffles 

These are great stocking stuffers! The waffles are great for a pre-run snack (or for taming an afternoon sweet tooth!).

8. Running gloves

These have touchscreen spots on them so you don’t have to take off your gloves to use your phone. Perfect for winter runs.

9. Running socks

These are great for almost every runner because they’re not too thin or thick, don’t rub and don’t slip. (Men’s version here.) See more of my favorite running socks in this post. Another good idea is a pair of compression sleeves!

If you’re also getting your favorite runner a pair of running shoes, show them this reel I made about how to lock laces (a great way to tie their shoes).

10. Pepper spray 

It’s a sad reality of our world, but it’s better to feel prepared in case you need to defend yourself. The pink option does make a cute stocking stuffer though.

11. Silicone Wedding Ring

A great gift for a husband or wife so they can still wear their band without worrying! (Women’s version here and men’s version here).

12. LED safety lights 

A great stocking stuffer! These are great for running in the dark and also pull double duty for walking dog in the wee hours or in the evening. I like that these are hands free.

13. A FlipBelt 

This actually isn’t under $20, but it’s not super expensive. I love to carry my phone, car key, and a gu or two on my runs. This belt is easy to wear and holds what I need! Hands free running is AMAZING.

You can see more of my running favorites in my Amazon store!

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