Harry And Meghan (Who Are Being Compared To The Kardashians) Vs. William And Kate Is Apparently Getting Real Ugly

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The trailer for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan begins with a simple question: why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the duke and duchess of Sussex, want to make this documentary? “No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors,” Harry responds. What’s happening is apparently pretty ugly.

The Daily Mail spoke to a royals insider about the “declaration of war” docuseries. The timing of the trailer is seen as Harry and Megan, who are being compared to the Kardashians because “they want all the attention they can possibly get,” sabotaging Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s trip to the United States. “One can only conclude this is a concerted publicity drive on their behalf to stoke up interest in this documentary and is designed to clash with [William and Kate’s] visit this week,” a source said.

They continued:

“The prince and princess’s high-profile trip to the States to shine a light on community projects in Boston and the environmental crisis is being apparently used as a platform for the Sussexes to create the drama and attention they so clearly crave on a personal level, as well as content for the multi-million dollar deal they have signed since quitting as working royals. While the Waleses will carry on with their duties, Team Sussex appears determined to remind America of their own ‘compassionate activism’ – one lucrative contract at a time.”

“It was definitely deliberate, without any question,” another source told the Times about the timing of the trailer. “But not at all unexpected.” Things will come full circle when Netflix’s The Crown covers Netflix’s Harry & Meghan in a future season.

(Via the Daily Mail and the Times)

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