Here’s Why James McAvoy Didn’t Launch An ‘Atonement’ Oscars Campaign

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Here's Why James McAvoy Didn't Launch An 'Atonement' Oscars Campaign

James McAvoy answered a question many fans might have been wondering.

The 43-year-old X-Men actor delivered a critically acclaimed performance in 2007′s Atonement. However, when it was time to launch a campaign for the the Oscars, he refused to do so.

He explained the reasoning behind his decision in a recent interview.

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James told British GQ that he didn’t want to do jump through hoops the way he’d seen his The Last King of Scotland co-star Forest Whitaker do during his Oscars campaign.

“[With the Last King of Scotland campaign], it was made clear to me that I was doing it for the benefit of other people. And I was totally down with that,” he told the publication. “But by the time Atonement came along, I was 26 or 27, and I was just like, ‘I can’t do it, I’m not doing it, I don’t wanna do it.’”

“I didn’t want to play that part. I’ll push the film, I’ll try and get bums on seats. But the campaign, I felt… I felt cheap,” he explained.

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