Idina Menzel Reveals She Almost Starred in ‘Funny Girl’ Revival, Hints at Broadway Return

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Idina Menzel Reveals She Almost Starred in 'Funny Girl' Revival, Hints at Broadway Return

Idina Menzel was almost the star of the Funny Girl revival that is currently playing on Broadway!

The 51-year-old Disenchanted actress revealed the scoop while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (December 1) in New York City.

Idina has performed several songs from Funny Girl live in concert over the years and she also sang the movie’s title song “Funny Girl” during an episode of Glee alongside Lea Michele, who is currently playing Fanny Brice.

Beanie Feldstein opened the revival earlier this year, but it could’ve been Idina if the production took a different take on the story.

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“Yes I was supposed to, but I always thought I was too old. But they were gonna maybe go to the estate, the Brice Estate, and see if they could maybe sort of encapsulate more of her life, but yes but it didn’t work out. COVID happened,” Idina said on WWHL.

Idina added, “Lea is the right choice and no, I haven’t seen her yet because I live in L.A. and I haven’t been back.”

While being interview by E! News, Idina hinted at returning to Broadway.

“I really love originating and being a part of developing new material,” she said. “I’m not gonna say what it is yet, but definitely something that I feel really strongly about that I’ve helped develop from its early stages.”

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