IFA 2022 Sees LG Unveil ‘Table-Type’ Air Purifier

At IFA 2022, LG Electronics (LG) unveils its brand-new air purifier, the PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture. The new table-type model, a follow-up to the acclaimed PuriCare AeroTower unveiled at CES earlier this year, blurs the line between beautiful furniture and sophisticated air purifier by providing a design that can be customized to meet personal preferences, 360-degree air purification, and user-friendly features. Users can select the color of the unit’s base (from Crème Rose to Crème Yellow to Crème Grey) and the shape of its table-top (Round or Track) to suit their personal tastes or coordinate with their home’s décor. The LG Aero Furniture is stylish and small, making it ideal for smaller spaces like a single bedroom, study, or studio.

The new, creative product from LG has a smooth upper surface that works well as a shelf for home goods or as a platform for exhibiting ornaments. Additionally, it has easy controls for turning the gadget on and off as well as for controlling the airflow modes and mood lighting elements on its underside. A number of tiny indicators that indicate Wi-Fi connectivity, air quality, air flow intensity, and update status are discretely placed close to the edge of the tabletop and flush with its surface.

A variety of smart elements for a more customized user experience are also offered by the new Aero Furniture. The tabletop’s integrated wireless charger enables users to effortlessly charge their smartphones and wireless earphones while also enhancing their environment with mood lighting. The mood lighting on Aero Furniture can be conveniently managed with the LG ThinQ™ app and comes in eight distinct hues. Furthermore, LG’s distinctive air purifier was created with sustainability in mind, using recyclable plastic from obsolete gadgets and appliances for its components and shipping in recyclable packaging. The newest air purifier from LG offers customized comfort in the house together with performance that can be customized to meet any need. Indoor air quality is considerably improved by the Aero Furniture’s multi-stage filtration system, which uses LG’s Ultra-fine Filter, Dust Collector Filter, and Deodorization Filter. With LG’s UVnano™ technology, which reduces the amount of viruses and germs on and around the fan blades of the Aero Furniture by up to 99.99 percent, users will also breathe cleaner air.

Limited edition models of LG’s new air purifier will also be made available soon. Along with models featuring distinctive tabletop decorations created by well-known artists like Kim Sun-woo, a famous South Korean painter, the company will also sell models made of recently invented sustainable materials. According to Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, “the Aero Furniture lets consumers build a healthier, pleasant, and more customized home with its configurable design, superior air purification, and user-centric features.” By meeting the many demands of customers throughout the world, LG will keep creating breakthroughs for a healthier, better life. At its exposition pavilion (Hall 18, Messe Berlin) at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany, LG presents its most recent innovations, including the new Aero Furniture.

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