I’m A Celebrity 2022 star Charlene White reveals ‘secret pact’ with winner Jill Scott

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I’m A Celebrity 2022 star Charlene White has revealed she and Jill Scott made a “secret pact” on their first night in the jungle.

The campmates are back in the land of the living carrying on with their lives.

And today (December 1), Charlene returned to work on Loose Women – just one day after flying back from Australia.

Charlene White telling of her ‘secret pact’ with Jill Scott (Credit ITV)

Charlene White reveals the ‘secret pact’ she made with Jill Scott

Charlene and Loose Women panelists Carol McGiffin, Linda Robson and Denise Welch lost no time in catching up.

And they couldn’t wait to hear Charlene’s jungle tales.

The news reader shared a number of revelations about her campmates.

One of the most surprising was the “secret pact” she made with I’m A Celebrity winner Jill Scott.

All we were doing was weeing.

Charlene told them: “Myself, Jill and Babatunde were the first to meet when we did our challenge.

“So Jill and I made a pact that if she needed the toilet in the night she would wake me up and if I needed the toilet I would wake her up.

“So on that first night, for whatever reason, we drank so much water during the day, and all we were doing was weeing.

“Several times in the night we were waking each other up so we could go to the toilet together.”

Denise told her: “For so many reasons we are so proud of you and are thrilled to have you back.”

Jill Scott

Jill Scott

Jill Scott won the Queen of the Jungle title (Credit ITV)

Charlene made a number of other revelations

Charlene also spilled the beans on royal rugby player Mike Tindall and his wife Zara.

The couple arranged a party for 26 people on the final night.

Furthermore, Charlene got a sneak peak at just how down-to-earth the Queen’s granddaughter is.

She revealed: “We had a very raucous night out thrown by Mike and Zara.

‘Zara is definitely one of us!’

Afterwards she said that the royal wasn’t afraid to let her hair down.

Royal mum-of-three Zara had struggled to walk in her heels and decided to ditch the uncomfortable footwear.

She thought about going to get trainers from her hotel room, but afterwards decided to walk around barefoot.

I’m A Celebrity 2022: Charlene breaks the rules

Journalist Charlene almost got in trouble on the last day of filming for the ITV show.

She and Jill’s fiancée, Shelly Unitt were backstage and broke the rules by filming.

Charlene posted selfies, pictures and even vlogs onto her Instagram account.

Speaking to her followers she said: “We’re up at 4:45am, no one’s doing very well this morning.

“We’re heading to camp and I will film as much as I can. I’m not actually allowed to film that much in camp but I’ll do what I can because it’s final day.”

Shelly interrupted laughing: “We are rule breakers!”

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Charlene White: "I Miss Being In The Jungle" | I'm A Celebrity 2022

Charlene White: "I Miss Being In The Jungle" | I'm A Celebrity 2022

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