Jessica Chastain Admits Singing ‘Stand By Your Man’ For ‘George & Tammy’ Was Daunting

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Jessica Chastain Admits Singing 'Stand By Your Man' For 'George & Tammy' Was Daunting

Jessica Chastain is opening up about not only portraying Tammy Wynette in Showtime’s George & Tammy, but also about singing the iconic singer’s songs.

The 45-year-old actress, who stars opposite Michael Shannon in the limited series, opened up in a new interview, revealing it was very daunting performing Tammy‘s best known songs, including “Stand By Your Man”.

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While talking with Yahoo Entertainment, Jessica admitted that performing “Stand by Your Man” was more daunting than performing any of the songs from Tammy Faye Bakker‘s back catalogue.

“That song is something that you hear over and over again and it’s so entrenched in the history of country music,” she says. “Also, the gender debate [around it]. It’s such a loaded song that I think most of my nervousness came from that aspect of it.”

Michael also chimed in, saying that the song inclusion, and performing them in the series, is “pretty critical, because a lot of the story of these two people is told through the songs. A lot of the emotion and the relationship that they had was from singing together, whether they were married or divorced or married to other people or throughout their life.”

“They came together when they sang and they had a very intimate communication with one another that I don’t think we could have accomplished if we were just lip syncing to the music.”

Jessica, who has been attached to the project since 2011, also opened up about not making it a big-screen feature.

“[We thought] if we could tell this story as a six-hour film, then you’re really able to get to know the characters, get to know where their pain comes from and why they have so much difficulty being happy in some sense,” she says. “Nothing about it feels episodic. It feels like the movies they used to make — these four-hour epics. I feel like in the last 20 years, [people have started to say] ‘It’s gotta be 90 minutes or less.’ I really love films that allow me to get to know the things that maybe some executive in some room might not think are very interesting, but for me are the most interesting.”

George & Tammy premiered tonight on Showtime.

Just recently, Jessica opened up about the vocal training she and Michael went through for the show.

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