JoJo Siwa Talks About Her Veneers In A Livestream

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Within the video clip, shared by TikToker @megankropko1, 19-year-old JoJo solutions somebody who asks, “How are your tooth so white?”

Laughing JoJo plainly states, “As a result of I picked out the whitest colour.” ✨ICONIC✨

She then proudly states she does have veneers, calling them her CHOMPERS.

The remark part flooded with folks complimenting how pure her veneers look:

Some even stated they’re the most effective set they’ve ever seen.

However most individuals actually simply appreciated her honesty…

As a result of she may have simply denied the truth that she has them.

There have been even individuals who talked about the explanation why younger folks might get veneers past beauty functions.

Nonetheless, commenters had been particularly interested in when this all went down, so being the investigative journalists** that we’re, we did some digging in Getty Photos.

These photographs of JoJo in 2018 and 2019 look like her actual, non-veneer chompers, however after all, we won’t show that!

And this picture in February of 2020 appears BVP, Earlier than Veneer Process, as properly:

Then, whereas looking Getty, the summer time of 2021 reveals a seemingly whiter smile:

The WHITENESS is unmistakable!

JoJo, you have acquired an incredible set of veneers, we love your realness, and YOU!

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