Nike Announces Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2

Nike established the Greater Than (G.T.) Series in 2021 as the newest testing ground for Nike Basketball. Its goal was to create the most innovative footwear on the market for the next generation of hoopers by utilizing every weapon in Nike’s arsenal. Players who quickly open and shut space to throw opponents off balance can use the Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2. An entirely new, cutting-edge traction design is crucial to the shoe. With deep tread grooves, the rubber compound is organized in a striking wiper-blade pattern. The grooves separate as the player steps with power; they then snap back together when the player releases, enabling the player to quickly cut into the court. Spread up the forefoot is a second zone of nubbed traction. Release dates for the Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2 Bred colorway are September 16 for Nike Members and September 20 for the rest of North America. Release day for the Sabrina Ionescu colorway is October 13 on and the Nike App.

“Our world-class testing resources at the Nike Sport Research Lab give us the ability to discover new insights into the game and identify the smallest of nuances tied to athlete performance,” says Ross Klein, Sr. Creative Director, Nike Performance Footwear. “This helps us push footwear at Nike to always be greater than ever, whether that’s in basketball or in any other sport. The G.T. Series is an invitation to dream and to push the boundaries of human potential.”

The Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2 has also undergone refinements to the heel shape for a more secure fit, a carved out midsole to lessen the rubber content and overall weight of the shoe, and the addition of a Zoom Air unit in the heel based on player input. Getting back to the original G.T.’s shoe A full-length articulated Zoom Air strobel and a drop-in React foam sockliner are featured in the cut silhouette.

“The G.T. Series is completely untethered from traditional ways of thinking,” says Klein. “The traction pattern is one of those elements that was generated at a micro-level insight from the NSRL after studying the relationship between court and shoe. The teams were able to drive a new innovation that gives the athletes the right amount of friction on court so they can cut faster, rotate quicker and adjust their footwork with enhanced precision.”

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