Reviewers Say This Hair Serum Provided ‘Significantly Less Fallout’ Within Days of Use—& It’s 42% Off

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Truthfully, I’m no professional when it comes to hair loss—a trichologist could far better pinpoint concerns and solutions catered to you as an individual in a heartbeat. But what I am an expert at is finding trending and reviewer-loved products that have earned a majority of approval across the internet, and that often stems into the hair growth sector of hair care. I’ve covered my fair share of popular serums that people swear by, and it seems the list of ones to watch is ever-growing. 

The Lanmeri Growth Hair Serum is the latest to land on my radar; with people claiming it’s provided benefits faster than expected, it’s hard not to take a pause. The serum may not have as many ratings as other options on Amazon, but it does have an 87 percent approval rate from reviewers who have tried it, with glowing words to match. That’s something worth reading on for.

Lanmeri Vegan Hair Growth Serum


Lanmeri Growth Hair Serum

“I love the consistency of this serum. It’s not sticky whatsoever and easily rubs into the scalp like water. I apply at night and sleep with it,” explained one fan. “I began noticing significantly less hair fallout in my comb within days.”

The 100 percent vegan formula contains plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients that nourish the entire scalp for optimal growth, thickness and volume. Amino acids, mung bean (which has clinically been proven to assist with a variety of health concerns), peptides and phyto-actives (nutrients from plant extracts) begin to remove follicle build-up, encourage better skin health and lead to thicker, fuller growth overtime from the moment the serum touches your scalp.

While results will always vary from person to person with hair care products, the brand says you should be able to see visible differences within 90 days of consistent use—hair density may increase as much as 52 percent and shedding may be reduced by as much as 76 percent. 

“Been using this product for about 6 weeks now. My hair is not coming out or breaking like it was and it has started growing long again and the bald spots have new hair growth which make me so happy,” wrote a second reviewer

Now, let’s all go and grab a bottle while it’s 42 percent off on Amazon for Cyber Week—your wallet and scalp may thank you later.

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