Sally Field Calls Ex-Lover and Former Co-Star Burt Reynolds the Worst Kisser: ‘A Lot of Drooling’

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Turns out sex symbol Burt Reynolds was a bad kisser, according to former co-star and lover Sally Field.

The “Spoiler Alert” actress revealed to host Andy Cohen that her 1977 “Smokey and the Bandit” fellow actor Reynolds lacked in the kissing department. “Oh boy, shall I really name names here?” Field teased when asked who her worst onscreen kiss was during “Watch What Happens Live.”

Field continued, “OK, this is going to be a shocker, hold on folks: Burt Reynolds.”

The “80 for Brady” star added, “It was just not something he really did very well. I could go into detail, but you don’t want to hear it.”

Field shared that Reynolds had “a lot of drooling” when it came to kissing her. Reynolds previously called Field the “love of my life” in a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair (via People magazine), and Field admitted to having an “instantaneous connection” with the legendary film star.

Field wrote in her 2018 memoir “Pieces” that Reynolds “began to housebreak” upon starting a relationship.

“I knew early on never to mention the men who had been in my life, and later became terrified of running into somebody I might have known, whether sexually or not,” Field said. “Burt would pinch my face in his hands, demanding I tell him who the guy was and what kind of relationship I’d had with him.”

Reynolds was notoriously difficult to work with, as “Boogie Nights” co-star William H. Macy called him “clueless” on set. “He trashed the film after we wrapped — up until the time he got an Academy Award nomination,” Macy recently said in an oral history for the film. Reynolds infamously called director Paul Thomas Anderson “young and full of himself,” and added that he “wanted to hit him” during production.

“Every shot we did, it was like the first time [that shot had ever been done],” Reynolds said. “I remember the first shot we did in ‘Boogie Nights,’ where I drive the car to Grauman’s Theater. After he said, ‘Isn’t that amazing?’ And I named five pictures that had that same kind of shot.”

Anderson, who was age 27 when the film was released, recalled multiple “heated” days on set with Reynolds.

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