Sam Worthington Says They Filmed ’80-90 Percent’ of Third ‘Avatar’ Movie – Watch Now!

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Sam Worthington Says They Filmed '80-90 Percent' of Third 'Avatar' Movie - Watch Now!

Sam Worthington is sharing an update on the future Avatar movies!

On Wednesday night (November 29), the 46-year-old actor stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the second Avatar movie, Avatar: The Way of Water.

During his interview, Sam shared an update on production on the upcoming third and fourth installments in the movie franchise.

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While chatting with Jimmy, Sam confirmed that they have “filmed about 80-90 percent” of the third Avatar movie.

Sam continued, “I think we’re still owing some scenes. And in four, we did a few scenes because the kids were aging out. So we have to do it before they get older. And then yeah there’s five in the saga if we’re lucky enough to get it.”

As for what he thinks about Avatar: The Way of Water, Sam says it “blows away” the first movie.

“I get quite emotional talking about it because what’s [director James Cameron]’s done, he’s made it about a family. And it’s powerful,” Sam gushed. “Not only is it visually stunning and you’re seeing a part of Pandora that you’ve never seen before, all underwater, but it’s about what you do to protect your family. And I think after COVID everybody needs that kind of message. It’s about what you would do for those that you love. It’s amazing.”

As of right now, the third, fourth, and fifth Avatar movies are expected to be released in 2023, 2025 and 2027.

Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters on December 16 – check out the trailer here!

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