Seriously Cute Phone Accessories That Maximize Productivity and Prioritize Style

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A phone is a phone is a phone—said no one, ever. While many of us have love/hate relationships with our phones (we’re perpetually preparing to break up with them and are simultaneously fully dependent on them), it’s an undisputed fact: it’s hard—re: impossible—to function in our world today without them. Our phones allow us to work, connect, and communicate. As nice as it may sound to ditch your phone for the day, existing phone-free is a tall order. And if we’re going to give in, we might as well indulge in a few cute phone accessories, right?

During this season of materialistic mania, prioritizing our purchases is a challenging feat. Personally, I’m putting products that blend style and productivity at the top of my list. In an era of inflation, I want to ensure that my buys are design-driven and help streamline my everyday rituals and routines. Enter: cute phone accessories that make charging, handling, and listening to your favorite podcasts all the easier and more enjoyable. 

So let’s level up our most important piece of tech—even if you’re still hanging onto your iPhone 8. 

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18 Cute Phone Accessories That’ll Level Up Your Tech

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Phone Cases

Nudient Form Case

Elegantly understated, this case is for those who prefer sleek and simple styles.

Liquid Silicone iPhone Case

The smooth silicone is satisfying to hold and the range of desert hues offers a color for everyone.

Pela Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case with Lavender Ridge

An elegant aesthetic meets sustainable design. This plant-based, compostable case keeps your phone safe when the accidental (inevitable) drop occurs.

CASETiFY Compostable Phone Case

A pop of purple for the maximalists among us.

woman using phone cute cases
Image by Riley Reed

Phone Stands and Charging Docks

Whether you’re using it to capture content, FaceTime a friend, or watch anything sans-hands—the best stands (and if you’re lucky, hybrid chargers) give your fingers a much-needed break. Bonus: They’ll add a little aesthetic flair to any nightstand, kitchen countertop, or desk.

Courant Mag:2 Essentials

As far as cute phone accessories go, Courant checks all the boxes. Pairing sleek style with convenient design, this trusty tool will stay with you for years.

Pottery Barn Fabric Wireless Charging Dock

Need a little help creating distance between you and your phone? This dock gives your device a soft and stylish spot to recharge—where you won’t be tempted to touch it.

heyday Qi 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

The best buys pair style and functionality. With brass accents and dual-charging capabilities, this is a productive minimalist’s dream.

Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand

If you’re in the market for a stand that leans a little more luxe, this is your buy. Select from a machined brass or solid steel base that keeps your phone securely in place. Your video calls will never be the same.

Shanika Hillocks using phone_cute phone accessories
Image by Michelle Nash

Headphones and Ear Buds

When the pandemic hit, my AirPods were my saving grace. I could take meetings from anywhere and walks became an opportunity to catch up on my audiobooks. With a solid pair of headphones, the possibilities are endless.

Apple AirPods Max

I’ll call out the price tag first: this is not a cheap pair of headphones. And while more cynical reviews say they’re overpriced, trust that you’re not shelling out simply for style. 20 hours of battery life plus the best noise cancelling quality you’ve ever heard. Oh, and you’ll get to cosplay as a hip Pinterest girl. Conclusion: Yes, they’re worth the hype.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

If you’re in the market for a slightly less expensive pair, opt for Beats. While I prefer the look of the AirPods Max, I find these a bit more comfy—and they boast up to 40 hours of battery life. If you’re still after cutting edge design and quality sound but don’t want to commit to a more expensive pair, bring the Beats home.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Ear buds are convenient and minimalist, giving you comparable sound quality in a smaller package. While the battery life doesn’t match up to the over-ear models, these are a good option for those who travel light.

Sony Noise Canceling Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

My first pair of over-ear headphones (cue the nostalgia). If you don’t consider yourself a brand loyalist, this significantly more affordable option is a must-have for anyone who wants an amazing sound experience for a fraction of the price.

woman using cell phone in bed
Image courtesy of Liana Levi

Phone Handles and Grips

While I’d like to consider myself graceful in other aspects of life, my phone handling abilities leave room for improvement. If you’re also dropping your phone multiple times during the day (no? just me?), these accessories offer a much-needed hand.

PopGrip for MagSafe Opal Graphic

While the aesthetic of many grips cater to teens, this design puts function and style at the forefront.

Leather PhoneFin Finger Grip

A low-profile grip appeals to selfie savants while the dual phone stand makes taking calls convenient. Who doesn’t love a little twofer?

Urban Outfitters Beaded Phone Strap

Embrace a Y2K vibe with a beaded strap that’ll send you straight back to 2002.

Image by Michelle Nash

Bluetooth Speakers

For music lovers, podcast devotees, and anyone who values a solid sound while you’re lounging by the pool or cooking at home.

Kreafunk aGROOVE Speaker

A small, stylish design pairs with powerful sound for a speaker that’s the perfect adventure companion.

Trenbader Artlink Stereo Wireless Speaker

If your aesthetic leans retro (but you still crave seamless, streamlined style) this Bluetooth-compatible speaker offers a crisp sound.

Gingko Tumbler Selfie Bluetooth Speaker

Modern and minimalist, this maple-accented speaker is sustainably made—perfect for smaller spaces and listening on the go.

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