Showrunner Greg Walker Would ‘Love’ To Have Superman Show Up In Titans

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The fourth season of “Titans” is finally upon us, and we think it’s off to a very solid start. The titular team is back at it again, facing yet another iconic DC Comics villain in a season chock-full of horror and supernatural elements. A shift in location has the Titans conducting their superhero business in the city of Metropolis, home to Superman, Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver), and everyone in between. The series is not new to introducing big names from the comics, including Bruce Wayne himself, played by “Game of Thrones” alum Ian Glen. However, despite a certain character’s connections to the hero, the Man of Steel himself has yet to make an appearance.

Superboy, aka Conner Kent (Joshua Orpin), has been a staple member of the series since his debut in the second season. A product of an experiment by the megalomaniac genius, Superboy is the clone-son of Superman and Lex Luthor. He meets Luthor at the start of the season (before the villain’s untimely demise), but is ghosted by the more heroic parent, who is busy saving a planet across the universe. The lack of Superman is an issue when it comes to Superboy’s development, however, it’s not for lack of desire. Showrunner Greg Walker has publicly expressed interest in bringing the Kryptonian on the show.

‘We Would Love It’

In an interview with Screenrant, Walker made it clear that outside of a few hints, we won’t be seeing Superman anytime soon. However, Walker explained that introducing him would reinforce the major themes of the series thus far:

Well, we would love it, and I think that’s a story, that our show often that deals with [which is] fathers and sons. It feels like it would be a huge get to be able to do, and we could really do a lot with it if we got it. For now, we’re letting the DC Universe settle the way that it’s settling. We have hints of Superman, and there’ll be more; this is not the only one. So stay tuned. But it’s something that we would love, and hopefully, one day, we’ll come to realize on Titans.

It’s hard to imagine that Superman will be making his way to “Titans” as the DCU gets mapped out, but the show should pounce on the chance to more than just allude to the hero. The first season struggled to tell Dick Grayson’s personal journey without Bruce Wayne in the picture, and making subtle references to him was not that helpful. Superboy has been fine without Superman up until this point, but Conner needs him now more than ever.

Double Daddy Issues

In the fourth season of “Titans,” Superboy arrives at an existential crossroads. Arguably the most powerful member of the Titans, he seems eager to prove he can solve all the group’s problems. Both sides of his genetic makeup should make up for the best of both worlds, however, daddy issues have never been an easy fix on “Titans.” His relationship with the titular superhero team was cemented up until this point, but the over-confident side of Superboy is starting to become worrisome. Of course, “Titans” alludes to his Luthor DNA being the culprit.

Even if it’s the Luthor in him that is causing a change in behavior, the series should address the identity crisis of Superboy head-on. And not just by alluding to his parents, either. Introducing Clark Kent after Luthor could provide a change in attitude for Superboy, a boost in morale that lets him know that he can be whoever he wants to be. The abilities bestowed upon him are simply a part of his genetics, but should not define him. Even though the Titans could be the ones to bring him back down to earth, it just makes too much sense to see Superman in the flesh.

Due to the fact “Titans” is the last of its kind, I’m not sure a fifth season of the series is exactly in the cards. However, if the show has to bow out sooner than later, introducing Superman (or just Clark Kent) would be a nice way to close the book on the series.

New episodes of “Titans” air on Thursdays on HBO Max.

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