‘Ted Lasso’ Actor Brett Goldstein Had A Super Charming Interview With The Muppets, With Whom He Wants To Star In A ‘Pride And Prejudice’ Movie

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Everyone loves Ted Lasso, which has made big names out of its delightful ensemble cast. One of them is Brett Goldstein. The show’s resident Roy Kent seems to really love getting awards and being famous, even if some people once thought he was CGI. Yet another perk of being a celebrity: Sometimes you get to talk to the Muppets. And indeed Goldstein has, in a predictable charmer of an interview about one of their most beloved films, The Muppet Christmas Carol, for its 30th anniversary.

The interview, done for Entertainment Weekly, finds Goldstein sitting down with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Robin, Kermit’s nephew who played Tiny Tim in the 1992 Yuletide classic. Goldstein, a self-professed Muppets obsessive, has a lot of questions. He goes through all the songs, the big scenes, etc., etc. He’s very detailed. But at one point he goes one step further and suggests they should do a movie together. And he even knows what it should be: an adaptation of another English classic, Pride and Prejudice. Piggy was into it.

“Ooh, yes! Pride and Prejudice, I’d love to do that,” she told him. “Brett, you’ve got pull in this town. Can you get Pride and Prejudice and Piggy green-lit?”

Goldstein suggests their combined powers can make yet another take on perhaps Jane Austen’s most filmed novel happen. He also thinks he should play Fitzwilliam Darcy, while Piggy thinks Elizabeth Bennet, meaning the two would have to fall in love, just as Charles Grodin had eyes for Piggy in The Great Muppet Caper.

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t the Muppets busy starring in the third Knives Out? Well, not technically they aren’t, at least not yet. So until that franchise’s writer-director Rian Johnson decides whether or not Daniel Craig should investigate a murder perpetrated by puppets, they should have time to do their first Regency costume drama.

You can watch the full EW interview above and read the transcript right here.

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