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It’s Wednesday, which means we head over to Nannie’s house this morning to help her bake pies and set tables and any other last minute prep items. We got word yesterday that 4 of our crew have the flu and 2 have another viral illness and while we are very grateful they are resting and recovering, we sure are going to miss seeing them this year!

I don’t remember people getting sick and missing holidays when I was a kid like it seems to happen now. I was chatting with mom about this last night and wondering- do we get sick more now? Or did we just used to medicate and go anyway? And now we’re more aware about spreading germs? Or was I just an oblivious kid? Honestly, I have no idea, but hugs to all of you that are fighting the germs or missing people because of them. I know when I had the flu a few weeks back it was rough, so stay well and take care of yourself <3

We’ve been fortunate to have a lovely couple of days in Georgia. The ride down went smoothly. We picked up a peppermint mocha and hot chocolates on the way and I listened to a big chunk of my latest audiobook- Lovelight Farms. I’m probably 2/3 the way through and it’s cute and light, a little steamy here and there. Though the main character frustrates me some (it’s so obvious he likes you and doesn’t try to hide it), it’s proving to be a cozy holiday book.

When we arrived we went for a long walk before turning on Christmas music and decorating mom’s new tree. I bought her the flickering LED candles and the holders because I love them so much and now she does, too. They are so pretty! She made us chicken szechaun for dinner and we played spades. A great kick off to the week!

Yesterday we took Finley for a long sniffari. Afterwards mom took the girls on a golf cart ride while I prepped a quick lunch. We went to the 1:20 showing of Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile at the theater. The kids LOVED going to the theater. We definitely don’t go often enough. The movie was cute; they kids really enjoyed it.

Afterwards we went for a hike around a nearby pond, then grabbed an early dinner at a place my fam and I have been going for years. Lots of good memories at Silver Moon. We headed home after to shower up, watch The Grinch (I may or may not have dozed off during a few minutes of it ;)), watch Hailey lose a loose tooth, and go to bed on the early side.

During all this peaceful fun for me, David has been dealing with some bears that decided to go swimming in the hot tub of one of our properties. He’s seriously amazing at how quickly and calmly he handles the crazy situations that arise and always puts our guests’ experience as a top priority. While “we” manage the properties, I have to give him props because he goes above and beyond to TCB.

I imagine I’ll slip into the family black hole over the next day or too, but look forward to sharing snippets with you when I resurface. I hope you are having a good week, too! I’ve been sharing gift ideas on IG, but in case you’re shopping this week (like I am because I’m so close to being done and so excited about it), you can always check out all my recommendations here, or check out my gift guides:

If I don’t chat with you before the actual day; happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and happy rest of the week to those across the pond. I’m so grateful for you!

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