The Best Black Dresses of the 2022 Holiday Season

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Dressing for the holiday season can feel like an Everest of a task. Parties, gift exchanges, the actual holidays themselves—there’s a lot to dress for, and dress our best at that. The answer to a jam-packed holiday schedule? A great black dress.

By now we all know the wonders of a LBD. They can be dressed up or down and styled dozens of different ways to feel different every time, and the same rings true for the holiday season. One festive black dress can take you through your entire holiday calendar, and get you named the best dressed there every single time.

We’ve found the very best black dresses of the 2022 holiday season for every style and body. (Don’t worry: We won’t tell anyone when they make you an outfit repeater.)



The Everygirl’s 2022 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

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