The Friday Bulletin December 2, 2022

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Is This Vegetable Healthier Raw or Cooked? is a quiz that appeared in The New York Times on November 10th.  Some of the answers were surprising!  Below are the answers.  Click here to go to the article to read more about the WHY for each vegetable.

Spinach – Cooked
Mushrooms – Cooked
Garlic – Raw
Carrots – Cooked
Onions – Raw
Beets – Raw
Green Beans – Cooked
Celery – Cooked
Kale – Raw
Tomatoes – Cooked

When Ginny and I were trying to think of a name for A Sharp Eye we could have used this site!

Namelix is a brandable business name generator using artificial intelligence.


See a font you’d like to use but don’t know the name of it?  Snap a screenshot of it and place it in the free website WhatTheFont.  It will usually be able to identify it.


Dirty Soda is a handcrafted bubbly soda.  It is any type of soda (usually a cola), sparkling water or plain water infused with bubbles and any kind of flavored syrup on the menu you’d like and maybe a splash of cream.  Some examples are coconut syrup added to Dr. Pepper, or fruit syrups and a shot of half-and-half added to Mountain Dew, or a cola infused with lime juice and half-and-half.

Dirty sodas began slowly a dozen years ago in Utah and are now in hundreds of soda shops around the country.  Most are in Utah, because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, headquartered in Utah, doesn’t allow consumption of alcohol, or ‘hot’ drinks like coffee or tea.  It has approved the use of caffeine, however, and dirty sodas were born.  They are currently a social media craze, fueled by TikTok celebrities.  Google Dirty Soda for soda shops in your area.

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