The Friday Bulletin. March 17, 2023

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This is a BBC podcast of “pure sound”.  Many people need some kind of background sound to help them stay focused while they work.  For some, this podcast of sound has become their go-to source of focusing sound. Each episode features different sounds – water falling, glaciers in retreat, a walk through Harlem on quiet streets, mixed with appropriate and beautiful music when appropriate.  Each podcast is about 30-40 minutes long.

Slow Radio BBC podcast


What’s in season in March?

Brussel Sprouts
Spring Greens
Sweet Potato

Buying the produce that is in season has health benefits.  The produce is more likely to be from a local source, so it will be less expensive, healthier, fresher, and tastier.


The Cabinet of Wikipedian Curiosities by Sam Enright, a constant browser of Wikipedia, and an MA candidate in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Edinburgh, is fascinating. He has compiled a collection of informational odds and ends with links for further information if you are interested, like the following:

Professor Richard Wiseman, founder of Quirkology, is the professor of Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.  He has written many popular psychology books.

In a recent research project, he collaborated with the British Council to measure the speed of life. The researchers secretly timed thousands of pedestrians’ walking speeds in city centers around the world.  It is fun to see the city rankings, and interesting to take the quiz and see if you are in the fast lane, or more laid back. The quiz takes less than 10 seconds.  Maybe I just gave away how I ranked.  Let’s just say it was not in the slow lane.

To take the Pace of Life quiz click here.

To see the rankings of cities and their “speed of life” click here.

To see more from Quirkology click here.



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