‘The White Lotus’ Lifestyle Awaits You As A Villa From The Show Is Now Available For Rent On Airbnb

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(SPOILERS from The White Lotus will be found below.)

The White Lotus lifestyle ain’t cheap. The Di Grasso family, for example, spent a yachtload on hotel rooms and escorts, all to ultimately meet an artichoke-wielding, furious grandmother. As a whole, the guests were utterly miserable despite their luxurious Sicilian surroundings, but that can’t stop people from wanting a slice of the experience.

If you are so inclined, AirBnb has you covered — for an unsurprisingly steep price — to enjoy the place where Harper and Daphne’s unlikely friendship began to come together. That would be the Villa Tasca in Palermo (Noto in the show), where Harper spent much of the time wondering what Ethan was doing back at The White Lotus while Cameron was getting it on with Lucia. And Daphne simply did not care about the dudes.

The White Lotus

You can peep the AirBnb listing here under the site’s “luxe” subcategory, and as TimeOut notes, the cost is a doozy:

The cost of staying a night at Villa Tasca is, as you might expect, eye-wateringly expensive. In Airbnb’s ‘Luxe’ range, the nightly price is nearly £4,900 ($5,990) — and there’s a three-night minimum stay. Even if you manage to pack out the palace with its full capacity of guests (which is eight), that’s still really pricey.

Presumably, the price is just as steep in the HBO show, and Daphne doesn’t seem to mind at all. She and Cameron have a deal, as Harper finds out, that she looks past his frequent indiscretions and does her own thing. That also includes some form of unorthodox relationship with her trainer, and she characterizes her husband’s coworkers as “sociopaths,” so perhaps she feels the same about him as well. Whatever the case, Daphne got to be happy, and Harper got to be miserable, inside this posh villa.

The Neo-classical villa sits upon 20 acres, and here’s more from AirBnb:

Play family games on the lush lawns, stir up Victorian-style intrigue amid century-old trees and citrus groves, steal a honeymoon-worthy moment in the greenhouse, and watch the swans paddle their way around their pond. There’s also a swimming pool and furnished terrace and, inside, a billiards room, music room, bar, TV, and Wi-Fi. Your holiday at the estate includes service from a full staff.

That doesn’t sound like nearly as bad of a time as Tanya had in Palermo. Let’s go.

(Via Time Out & AirBnb)

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