Trevor Noah Did His Best To Unpack Herschel Walker’s Baffling Speech That Somehow Both Promoted AND Debunked Trump’s Border Wall: ‘Did This Man Just Win An Argument With Himself?’

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As terrifying as the idea of Herschel Walker being named Georgia’s senator might be, it’s hard to deny that his campaign — which has been a nonstop roller coaster ride of incoherence mixed with mortifying gaffes, several secret children, and at least one “erection” — is the gift that keeps on giving. And while Election Day was nearly a month ago, Walker is still out there on the campaign trail, and Trevor Noah couldn’t be happier.

The Daily Show host has spent the past several months gleefully covering Walker’s many missteps, and on Wednesday night he was ready to talk about Walker’s most recent controversies, including whether the former football player even lives in the state of Georgia at all. “According to new reports,” Noah explained, “the Georgia home that he’s claimed as his residence has actually been rented out for years.” When Walker accidentally admitted that he lives in Texas in a recent speech, Noah admitted that he was shocked: “Because I did not think Herschel Walker knew the name of two different states.”

But Walker’s biggest problem, according to Noah, is that “every time he speaks, things go wrong.” Most recently, Walker attempted to share his views on Donald Trump’s border wall… and somehow ended up bringing his dog into it.

After playing the clip, Noah — through near-tears — did his best to translate what he had taken from the speech. His takeaway: “I’m sorry, WHAT?”

Did this man just win an argument with himself? ‘Cause I think his plan is to, what, build a border wall so that he can trap immigrants inside America? Is that what he’s doing? ‘You see, once they get in, they can’t get out! Then they gotta get jobs and raise a family and settle down, and THAT’S how we get ‘em, yeah!’

It’s almost like Walker started out talking about border security, and then ended up telling everybody how to break into HIS house. And personally, I don’t think he needs a wall. Because the hardest part about breaking into his Herschel Walker’s house is figuring out which state it’s in.

You can watch the full clip above, beginning at the 2:45 mark.

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