Trevor Noah Was Mistaken for The Weeknd at a Basketball Game: ‘Screw You’

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Trevor Noah had to correct a so-called fan for insisting that he was The Weeknd.

The “Daily Show” host had to correct the fan that he was not in fact the “Often” singer, and recalled the story during an appearance on the “Today” show.

“This guy comes up to me in the stands, and he’s with his wife, and he said, ‘Hey man, can I get a picture?’” Noah said. “And I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, um, okay.’ Then he’s like, ‘You’re The Weekend, right?’”

The comedian continued, “I said, ‘No, I’m not The Weekend.’ And he’s like, ‘No, you’re The Weeknd.’ I said, ‘I’m not The Weekend, sir. So, we don’t need to take this picture, then.’ And he’s like, ‘You’re lying.’”

Noah added that the fan walked away while “confidently” telling his wife, “‘He’s lying. I know The Weeknd when I see him. I know it’s him.’”

Noah quipped,”I should have said, ‘I am The Weeknd and screw you, I’m not going to take a picture.’”

While Noah exits his Comedy Central talk show, The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye makes his TV debut with the upcoming HBO Max series “The Idol.” A24 and “Euphoria” showrunner Sam Levinson produce the show alongside Tesfaye, who also stars with Lily-Rose Depp in the sultry series.

And Noah and Tesfaye aren’t the only two stars commonly mistaken for one another: “Wednesday” actor Luis Guzmán recently revealed that he has been assumed to be late star Rick Aviles for decades.

“To this day, you and I could be walking through an airport, a mall — today — and someone would go, ‘Why did you kill Patrick Swayze? What was it like working with Whoopi [Goldberg]?’” Guzmán said during “The Rich Eisen Show” of the “Ghost” alum. “If I had a nickel since that began — I would probably own this studio, an island and a couple of private planes. I swear.”

Guzman shared “I was in Detroit one time, changing planes, and a 90-year-old lady comes up to me: ‘Oh, my god. I loved you in “Ghost.”‘ I felt so bad, and I explained, ‘No, no. That was someone else.’ And then she goes, ‘So what might I have seen you in?’ And I go, ‘Did you ever see “The Count of Monte Cristo”?’ And she says, ‘I love that movie. That was such a great movie!’ And I said, ‘Well, I was Jacopo.’ And then she goes, ‘No, you wasn’t in that!’”

He added, “From that moment on, I said, ‘I’m always going to be the guy in “Ghost.”‘”

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