Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You

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For some people, especially for those who are just starting to wear glasses, sometimes they feel uncomfortable and not confident with their new look . The feeling of having something stuck between the nose, or feeling weird everytime looking at the mirror, all those feelings of looking different sometimes haunts you when you start wearing glasses.

Choosing the perfect eyewear that is suitable for us is very important. There are probably many tips to choose the perfect glasses all over the internet. But, there’s something that you need to know for important points to wear eyeglasses or cool sunglasses that make them look perfect for your face.

There are three important points that must be considered in choosing the right glasses for you;

Choose your style

The first thing you should consider is about picking the style of glasses. If you feel insecure about how you look when wearing eyeglasses even though you have to wear them because you need to read or write. Maybe you missed this one point, let’s make it simple, there are two ways that you have to adjust to your character.

– Younger-looking style

If you prefer to look younger when wearing eyeglasses, a round lens frame will be perfect for you with a curved outline and lighter visual weight.

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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– Elegant style

If you prefer a more formal style and want to look mature, choose a pair of glasses with a thicker frame and it will make you look more chic and elegant. The key is to avoid wearing something flat and with a wider frame that will make you look older.

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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Adjust with your face shape

There’s some factor that you need to consider before you choose the perfect eyeglasses for your face shape;

  • The size and shape of the frame
  • Consider the misshaping effect; the stronger of your lenses, will be get thicker and make your eyes look smaller
  • Make sure when shopping for optical eyeglasses with no makeup and soft lenses

When choosing a pair of eyeglasses for your face shape to increase your self-confidence and look attractive, and elegant. Here are our simple tips that you can follow;

1. Choose smaller lens frame than your face

The bigger lens frame will misshapen your face shape and stronger lens will make your face deformed. To avoid that make sure there’s little distance between the outer rim and hairline. But if you prefer the bigger frame, choose the glasses with thicker rim that’ll mask misshaping effect from the lens.

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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2. Consider the upper rim style

If you’re choosing oval prescription glasses with a higher upper rim than your eyebrows it will make your head look bigger. Then you may choose a thicker upper frame to fill up the blank area between eyebrows and eyes, it will make your eyes pop.

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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3. Choose the frame shapes opposite with your face

To help in balancing the features for your face. Here to consider to choose the frame shapes according to your shape;

  • Oval/round/cat-eye glasses; perfect for square or diamond face shape. With angular frames that sharpen and add definition of curved outline of the frame will accentuate the protruded edges of the face.
Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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  • Rectangular glasses; perfect for a round face to make it look slimmer.
Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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The frame color

Different frame colors will create variate in every visual look. If you’re choosing something darker, the frame shape will create a classy and formal look. If you prefer something soft and show your facial features, you can consider metallic and tortoiseshell. If you’re looking for the best and fashionable eyeglasses with a huge collection, please visit our favorite store AOOLIA which provides quality, innovative, stylish and modern design glasses according to your needs. With fast delivery features with affordable prices, you will get the best experience of purchasing the best eyeglasses. 

Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Glasses Suits You
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