Undertaker Brought Back The American Badass For Monday Night Raw’s 30th Anniversary

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WWE Raw turned 30 on Monday night, and for the special anniversary edition, there wasn’t a chance The Undertaker would miss out on the festivities. It wasn’t just the regular Undertaker who made his way to the ring, as The American Badass version of the ‘Taker hit the ring for the first time in over 20 years.

LA Knight, who is slated to face off against Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble this weekend in a Pitch Black match, called out Wyatt for bringing back the Firefly Funhouse last week and said that he’s living on his past. He then said the same about the legends in the back who were celebrating Raw’s 30th anniversary and what they accomplished years ago.

After ‘Taker made his way to the ring, Knight got out of the ring and attempted to walk to the back only to be confronted by Wyatt holding a lantern. As Knight retreated back to the ring, Taker was waiting with a set up for a chokeslam.

Knight attempted to fight his way out before Taker passed Knight to Wyatt, who laid out his opponent with the Sister Abigail. Taker then walked up to Wyatt, said something in his ear and made his way to the back on his motorcycle.

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