What Do Kayce’s Visions Mean?

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Warning: the next incorporates SPOILERS for Yellowstone!

Whereas the Yellowstone season 4 ending is rather a lot much less action-packed than any of the collection’ earlier season finales, it nonetheless managed to interrupt viewership information for Paramount+ and draw new viewers for NBC’s peacock streaming community. Yellowstone season 4 ended with Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver) promising to make use of the billions at her disposal to pave over the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Additionally, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) obtained married, and John Dutton (Kevin Costner) ran for governor. In the meantime, the Duttons consolidated energy by securing Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) loyalty, whereas Kayce’s (Luke Grimes) spirit animal informed him he had to decide on between the ranch and his spouse Monica (Kelsey Asbille). However what did Kayce see in Yellowstone season 4’s finale?


In Yellowstone season 5, Kayce revealed to Monica what he noticed —“the top of us”. Nonetheless, as Monica has sided with John, Kayce appears to have discovered a method to decide on each paths that have been proven to him by his spirit animal. Undeniably, the occasions of Yellowstone season 5 suggest that the Duttons might quickly lose the ranch. This is every thing else that viewers might need missed within the Yellowstone season 4 finale, and the way they relate to the present’s ongoing plot.

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Kayce’s Visions Foreshadow Dying And Betrayal for Yellowstone Season 5


In Yellowstone season 4, episode 10 “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops,” Kayce skilled a number of visions as he underwent the Hanbleceya (han-bi-lech-ia), or “crying for a imaginative and prescient.” In actuality, the Hanbleceya is a ceremony of passage for younger warriors within the Lakota tribe, and is among the Lakota individuals’s seven sacred ceremonies. Because of this Kayce is now a full member of the Damaged Rock Indian Reservation group.

Just like the desires/visions of Dune protagonist Paul Atreides, Kayce’s visions reveal imprecise particulars about what the long run will carry, reminiscent of the 2 unseen paths that signify his two contrasting identities. Furthermore, whereas the owl that Kayce noticed in his visions symbolizes dying and the spirit world, his visions involving Lee Dutton (Dave Annable) and Avery (Tanaya Beatty) foreshadow betrayal and unfaithfulness in Yellowstone season 5.

Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton Betrayal Storyline Was Closely Foreshadowed In Season 4

Yellowstone Beth vs Jamie

After Beth discovered from Terrell Riggins (Bruno Amato) that Jamie knew however did nothing about his father Garret’s (Will Patton) plans to assassinate the Duttons, Beth satisfied Jamie to kill Garrett after which secured proof of the homicide. As Beth informed John, they now owned Jamie, which meant that his loyalty to them has been secured — or a minimum of, that is what Beth thought. The long-standing rivalry between Beth and Jamie is a recurring theme all through Yellowstone, and it has reached its breaking level in Yellowstone season 5. After Sarah Atwood (Daybreak Olivieri) coaxed Jamie into impeaching Governor John Dutton, Beth’s confidence about “proudly owning” her brother proved to be unwise.

In one in all Yellowstone season 5’s greatest reveals, it seems that Beth did not know in regards to the prepare station, and that exposing Jamie’s patricide meant exposing the entire ranch’s lengthy historical past of homicide. With Sarah advising Jamie on the right way to prepare assassinations and John doing the identical for Beth, the Dutton household is crumbling from the within. Then again, as Jamie clearly struck a nerve when he made Beth notice that they really share a standard purpose — getting out of ranching and making the ranch extra worthwhile — there’s nonetheless a chance that Beth and Jamie might staff up in Yellowstone.

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Summer time’s Home Arrest May Change The Course Of John Dutton’s Impeachment

yellowstone - piper perabo as summer higgins

Whereas Jamie Dutton’s betrayal places Beth’s energy into query, Summer time Higgins’ (Piper Perabo) conviction and jail sentence in Yellowstone season 4 confirmed that John Dutton is probably not as highly effective as his enemies make him out to be. Actually, John utilizing his gubernatorial powers to scale back Summer time’s sentence and hold her on the ranch below home arrest in Yellowstone season 5 could possibly be what lastly makes John susceptible.

Certainly, John conserving a prison he pardoned in his residence — then publicly kissing her on the truthful — would possibly simply be the ultimate nail within the coffin for John’s profession as governor, which is being threatened by Jamie’s impeachment case in opposition to John. Summer time might additionally betray John when she finds out in regards to the wolves Yellowstone ranch fingers Ryan and Colby killed. That stated, like John’s total angle of being genuine in public, him shacking up with Summer time might additionally simply additional rally assist for the governor to remain in workplace.

Sarah Atwood May Power John Dutton And Thomas Rainwater Into A Everlasting Alliance

Yellowstone season 5 cast 1883

Yellowstone season 4 ended with Market Equities’ aggressive growth plans have been thwarted by Beth, who compromised the funding agency from the within. Within the course of, Beth created a harmful enemy out of Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver), who was teased as the brand new massive dangerous for season 5. Regardless of this not being the case, Caroline nonetheless dropped the most effective villainous monologue within the present’s historical past when she spoke with Beth within the Yellowstone season 4 ending:

“I handle the biggest non-public fund on the planet, and what you have accomplished? You have made it private for me. I do not care how a lot we spend or how lengthy it takes. I am gonna put a public restroom the place your f***ing home is. I am gonna chop down each tree and dam each creek. I’m going to rape your fucking ranch to dying. And also you, you little b***h, are going to jail.”

Regardless of being known as again to New York after getting defeated by the Duttons, Caroline might nonetheless ship her promise to Beth by means of the presence of Sarah Atwood. Sarah prompting John’s impeachment already threatens Governor John Dutton’s conservation easement plans for the ranch. Sarah might trigger much more hassle if she have been to leverage her data of the prepare station, or if she discovered about Summer time’s home arrest, or how Yellowstone Dutton Ranch fingers unintentionally killed protected wolves. It would not be that stunning if Market Equities was additionally concerned within the federal plans to run a pipeline by means of Paradise Valley. Total, the risk that Sarah poses to each ranchers and Indigenous American communities would possibly simply be sufficient to drive John and Thomas to work collectively, doubtlessly laying the groundwork for a extra everlasting alliance.

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Jimmy Hurdstram and Carter’s Character Arcs Reveal What The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Is Actually About

Yellowstone season 5 four sixes ranch 6666

The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, at its core, is a household. Within the Yellowstone season 4 ending, after John realized that branded Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy (Jefferson White) has lastly turn into a person throughout his time on the 4-Sixes Ranch, John launched Jimmy from his money owed. Regardless of Jimmy bearing the Yellowstone model, John even allowed Jimmy to completely depart the ranch along with his fiancée Emily (Kathryn Kelly). Like John’s different non-public, altruistic actions, this exhibits that — regardless of what his enemies assume — John Dutton nonetheless has a coronary heart, and is fiercely loyal to even the ranch’s prolonged household.

In the meantime, the teenage ranch hand Carter (Finn Little) not solely represents Beth’s want to have a baby, but additionally John’s want for the subsequent technology to inherit his legacy – as represented by John and Carter’s final horse trip collectively within the Yellowstone season 4 finale. Certainly, Carter and Jimmy’s character arcs counsel that there would possibly nonetheless be hope for the Duttons. Yellowstone season 5 might even culminate in an introduction to the Taylor Sheridan spinoff collection 6666, with Jimmy probably having a job in saving the Duttons as they navigate new grounds in Texas.

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