What is The Iconic Baby Hair Trend? How To Style Them?

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This baby hair trend is not something new in the hair beauty world. In the 90s, many people already followed this hairstyle. Uniquely, over the last few years, baby hair trend is making a huge comeback and women from all over the world try to follow this trend, maybe you are one of them. Before you try it follow the trend, let’s find out more about this baby hair trend!

What is baby hair trend?

According to stylist Bridgette Hill of Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa in Palm Beach, baby hair is known as “vellus hair” because it is different from the type and texture from another grown hair. Usually, baby hair comes in a softer texture and they’re appear in the front hairline or the nape of the neck. Because of their soft, thin texture, these hairs can be slicked down and created in waves or soft hairline can be styled depending on the face shapes. The shape also varies, some are long, short, or even curly, depending on the type and texture of your own hair.

What kind of style of baby hair?

Not just only one style. You can be creative with baby hair, there are several baby hair styles that can be adjusted to your looks, examples:

Circular Deep Waves

If you go to with your vintage style, you might be interested in trying this baby hair with circular styles and deep waves. To get this style, you can use a toothbrush and gel which is then combed in the desired direction.

Face Framing Swirls

This style is perfect for you who want to have the look of baby hair framing all your face. The trick, use a toothbrush to sweep baby hair that has been covered in hair gel or pomade all over to framing your face.

Baby-Studded Hair

If you want to be more creative, set up your baby hairs in place before taking your look to the next level with pearls or jewels.

Simple Swirl

Perfected your side in one single swoop. You can comb the rest of the strands and at the beginning of the section, and add a little twist, which gives this look a nice subtle look.

How to style baby hair?

Using the right tools is the basic key to getting the perfect baby hair look. Don’t worry, you may don’t need a lot of tools! Maybe you even have it in your house, like pomade or gel, comb, toothbrush, and hair tie.

1. Hair tie

To make it shaper and not mixed up by the terminal hair, you should

tie your hair back first. Especially if you have a long hair.

2. Baby hair comb

Separate gently the baby hair at the front hairline, then comb it downwards.

3. Apply pomade or hair gel

To make it easier to shape and make it stick to your forehead, apply pomade or gel to your baby hair.

4. Shape with a toothbrush

You can form and trim the baby hair with pomade or hair gel and make it stick to the forehead using a toothbrush. For a perfect look, tuck the ends of your baby hair into the hair terminal.

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