White Nationalist Anti-Semite Dork Nick Fuentes Got Into A Straight-Up Food Fight At An In-N-Out

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Over the last week-and-change, the world has unfortunately learned a lot about a certain fringe figure in the GOP. His name is Nick Fuentes. He’s a Holocaust denier. He’s a white nationalist. He’s a self-described incel who thinks “dating women is gay.” And on Thanksgiving, he had dinner with former president Donald Trump and fellow anti-Semite Kanye West. He wasn’t a well-known presence before the meet-up, but now he’s famous enough that he can get into food fights in top shelf fast food joints.

On Friday night, Fuentes received a rude Los Angeles welcome when he dared step foot in an In-N-Out Burger. Video emerged chucking a cup of Sprite at someone. Another West associate, the racist YouTuber “Sneako,” later confirmed that Fuentes meant to hurl it at a heckler. Instead, he only wound up dousing some people right in front of him. Fuentes himself acknowledged the incident on Telegram, claiming, “Nobody was hurt.” Real “sir, this is an In-N-Out” energy to this whole affair.

Before the now-infamous dinner — which newly back-on-the-scene Kanye campaign staffer Milo Yiannopoulos later claimed was a set-up meant to humiliate the ex-president — Kanye had already come out as an anti-Semite. Since then he has doubled, tripled, quadrupled down, even gushing to bankrupted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about his love of Adolf Hitler. Anyway, fun times we live in.

(Via The Daily Beast)

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