Create An Online Store Website

Mall on Mars makes it simple to set up an online store, create a website, sell online, and shop. Sell items online without paying a listing or sale fee. Mall on Mars allows you to create, sell, shop, and search. Create a website, a store, and sell your products online. With your own store powered by Mall on Mars, you can sell an unlimited number of new or used items and earn more money. Use the demo to create a free store and website and begin selling. Create a free eCommerce store and website using a customizable template.

Best Place To Create An Online Store, Build A Website, Sell Online, And Shop

• Create an online store and sell products without paying listing or sale fees.

• Create a website with a customized template and upload your content to gain endless web traffic from Mall on Mars visitors.

• Conveniently buy and sell clothes, shoes, electronics, phones, home items, handmade items, and more.

•Browse directory and find stores, websites, and blogs, or search and explore products, services, vehicles, properties, interesting reads, articles, news, and more.

• Launch your online store or website successfully with Mall on Mars support.

Setup Your Online Store Website

You are provided with the essential tools needed to successfully sell products or services and create website content. Design and customize your website and online store with full control of layout, display, header, background, and more. Gain support with your store or website by going to the support tab within your account dashboard and submitting a ticket.

Sell Items More And Earn More Money Without Paying Fees

Sell new or pre-owned laptops, video games, gaming consoles, clothing, t-shirts, shoes, TVs, phones, art, crafts, books, jewelry, beauty products, digital products, and much more. Once you sell an item in your store; there’s no collection of fee on the sale price. Creating a store using customizable website templates and enhanced eCommerce configurations is simple and easy.

Manage your store inventory, create coupon codes, automatically apply tax calculations, connect to preferred shipping carriers, fulfill customer orders, customize emails, and more. Easily sell products or services with the amazing support and tools that are provided for you. Choose a subscription plan that fits your budget and get access to a variety of tools and themes for your store and website.

Why Build An Online Website And Sell Online At Mall on Mars?

It’s an online mall enabling shoppers to discover a variety of products and services with available assistance from Mall on Mars passionate team of individuals dedicated to providing you with the resources needed to successfully create an eCommerce store and website, and sell products and services and create website content. Access to multiple designed and intuitive eCommerce solutions confirms you are in the best place to build an online website and sell your items or services and make money. Mall on Mars is the ultimate business platform that enables you to successfully start and grow your business. Enjoy free listing and no transaction fees or sales fee!

Be Empowered By Creating Your Own Online Store and Website

Mall on Mars was created to circumvent the challenges most sellers have when starting an online store and selling items online, such as cost, transaction fees, limited advertisement, no community network, unable to fully customize online store intuitively, etc. Mall on Mars provides online store owners and website owners with the resources needed to successfully sell online and create website content.

  • Customize your store and website with your brand and give it a unique look.
  • List items for sale without paying a listing fee. (*List products, digital books, digital magazines, digital videos, digital music, services, vehicles, online stores, websites, and properties.)
  • Sell new or used items without paying a sales fee. 
  • Help with your store and website is always available to you with unlimited ticket support. 
  • Connect and share with a robust community network. 
  • Showcase your store most popular products along with recently purchased products. 
  • Sell unlimited products at an affordable price.
  • Package and ship your products with complete control of shipping.
  • Enjoy the freedom to easily customize your store and website.

Start A Website And Open An Online Store With Mall on Mars

Create a website for services, blogging, articles, appointments, and more. Easily open a store and sell art, crafts, sewings, clothing, beauty products, shoes, properties, digital magazines, fitness equipment, electronics, phones, books, digital books, pet supplies, video games, jewelry, vehicles, and whatever else you would like to sell.